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Everyday in this world, numberless different styles of new packages come out, as new packages can achieve a good publicity as to give the best promotional effect. What’s more, custom package design can perfectly show the features and concepts of a product, as to take an advantageous point in the detailed market. Fonmoo packaging is a manufacturer that offers complete solution of packaging production and sales, and is able to provide you with newest custom packaging in many different styles, applied for cosmetics, electronics, food, jewelry, gift and other categories.

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With Fonmoo packaging, you can find your most preferred product package very quickly, and own it at the least cost. According to the new trends of packaging development, we provide you the newest and hot-sale packages to be chosen, and we present each year dozens of models of packaging structure design, allowing you to have a perfect product package that is very attractive.

Packaging news

We renew each week the most recent information of the world of packaging, including the trend of development of custom product package, newest style of 3D packaging design, as well as price indicator of packaging materials. Here, you will understand the differences between single coppered paper, double coppered paper, corrugated paper, cardboard, grey cardboard, leather paper, wooden paper, grainy paper, fence paper and laser paper so as to select the most suitable packaging material. Meanwhile, we will follow up the latest product packaging design templates, use specialty paper as raw materials, elaborate special structural design, and use 3D printing and stamping process, to show you how to make the packaging more upscale forget.

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Custom Packaging boxes

To make the best impact with your product, no matter what it is, you require to have the right product packaging. Custom packaging can do just that. Of course, to get the finest customized solution to your product packaging needs, you’ll have to find the right supplier. Discovering the best company for your custom product packaging

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Tips for Packaging Your Products

Research studies have shown that lots of company owner pay a lot of attention on the products, But for the product packaging is not pay attention. However, the success of sales is inseparable from the success of packaging design.How to improve the packaging design skills, for the company’s products is very important. There are numerous

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Personalized Product Packaging

Personalized packaging has two kinds of understanding, one is the unique package that reflects the product characteristics, with the ordinary packaging is not the same, using a special structure and design; but personalized packaging to consumer psychology as a starting point, the feelings of talk as a breakthrough , Access to consumer acceptance. Personalized packaging

The best packaging wholesale

We are a manufacturer that offers one-stop solution combining packaging design, production, wholesale for custom packaging, the quality of product packaging that we provide has won the recognition of our customers. We provide a wide range of packaging series, can be widely applied, used by Samsung mobile phone protective film, Apple mobile phone shell, the Italian underwear brand "LOVE" and Meizu phone gift boxes. Here, you get the factory price which is 30% lower than the market price, but the quality of service remains the best. A team is 24H on line to be at your service. We provide the finished product, which can be customized through four-color printing, monochrome printing, bronzing, hot silver, embossing and light glue processing. With the company's name or logo and using special technology, our solution will make the product stand out in the competition, which will help to create a good marketing experience. For processing the embossing, bonding, magnet buckle and other details, we will undergo multiple tests to ensure that each product is in its best shape. When we receive your mail of custom packaging demands, we will confirm with you at the first time. The bigger the quantity of customization is, the lower the unit price will be, so we suggest a moq of 1000. We provide the packaging samples for free, whether it is a cylinder carton or kraft food box, you can get it without any charge, this is the best choice. At the same time, we will negotiate the delivery date according to the actual situation of both parties, and deliver on time on the condition guaranteeing that there will be no printing deviation, no color difference and so on. Customized product packaging is the great start of choosing a successful product in its marketing. It fully reflects the characteristics of the product in front of customers and is an effective way to create a good marketing experience.