Can jpg print color boxes

Can jpg print color boxes

I often meet customers who ask if JPG format files can be used for printing color boxes.

My answer is yes!

JPEG format is mostly used in web pages or multimedia, as long as the picture is very clear when it is exported and the clarity needs to be 350dpi, it will not have much impact on the printing of color boxes. However, it is recommended that if there are small words on the top, the text part should be arranged from scratch in the vector software. Sometimes, if the customer's picture really cannot meet the requirements of the printed color box, it can only be designed and produced from scratch. In general, Yingli printing still requires the customer to provide the original files, and try to use PDF, AI, CDR, PSD when making them, sometimes it is necessary to beautify the files before printing the color box, jpeg pattern can't do some complicated beautification!

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