CTP glows with maturity and charm

CTP glows with maturity and charm

CTP technology made its debut at drupa 1990, and after nearly 30 years of application and development, it has entered a mature stage. Today, CTP has blossomed everywhere in China and has become the “standard” for printing enterprises. The focus of attention has shifted from whether the introduction of CTP, to how to use CTP to enhance the digitalization of printing and green level up.

  First look at the digital. Considered to be “CTP essential artifact” digital workflow in the printing industry has been the basic popularity. For printing companies, it is not only faster and more convenient plate making process, but also the integration of pre-press, printing, post-press links and bridges to help printing companies to achieve the whole process of digital printing production. Today, the digital workflow is still in full swing, and in the compatibility of the system, automation and computing efficiency in many ways, the compatibility of digital printing, post-press processing, etc. is also being enhanced.

  Then look at the greening. Green environmental protection is a major trend in the printing industry, printing enterprises in order to add their own green competitiveness, more and more attention to the introduction and application of green CTP technology, non-flushing CTP plates, plate water recycling devices and other green equipment and equipment have been introduced into the printing production. Although the application of these equipment and devices is at a preliminary stage and still faces the test of technology and usage cost, the green benefits brought to printing enterprises are undeniable. Ltd. introduced no-process CTP plates in 2014. According to its estimate, if the full adoption of no-process CTP plates, the annual development waste can be reduced by about 10 tons, which can save a total of about 200,000 yuan in waste liquid treatment costs, developer purchase and plate water use.

  Today is a new period of declining business and market transformation for printing enterprises, but also a good time for printing enterprises to catch up and emerge as a leader. Look forward to printing companies can use CTP technology, so that printing production revitalized!

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