DIY moon cake gift box

DIY moon cake gift box

Whenever the Spring Festival is celebrated, the tradition of Chinese people walking people’s households is to buy some gifts or perhaps maintenance products suitable for the festival at that time, and the appearance of these gifts and maintenance products look very beautiful, so to speak, and look very high, so how are these gift boxes planned out? Here I will share with us how to DIY moon cake gift boxes.

The following is a very money-saving and environmentally friendly gift box. Prepared materials: milk box (long or small and medium-sized can be), wrapping paper, glue (or double-sided tape).

1, according to the line shown after the removal of the mouth of the bottle, on the milk carton with a pen to draw a fold line.

2、Using a ruler to assist the blade, quietly draw a crease in the folding line.

3, according to the original cut crease, pinch fold out the beveled corners.

4、Fold out four beveled corners, to rotate the way fixed.

5, spread out the paper with your fingers, finishing the shape of the petals.

6, folded shape as shown in the picture, but carried out to some and not finished, the intention is only to first fixed the crease, so that the packaging easily folded out of shape, to prevent the outer frame crease off.

7, the original folded shape first unfolded, with wrapping paper posted on the exterior, the top and bottom must be reserved for about 100px.

8、Cut the opening into four pieces and fold them inward to flatten them.

9、With the general packaging of gift boxes, the bottom paper surface will be folded, and then fold again according to the original folding method, you can fold a beautiful gift box!

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