Five global packaging trends released in 2019

Five global packaging trends released in 2019

Although 19 years have passed halfway, but I wonder if you have noticed carefully, packaging will play an important role in reducing the global food and product production waste, online brands need to consider whether their (packaging boxes) can improve their digital electronics consumer shopping experience, the clean and concise packaging message of the brand will be sought after by those customers who like minimalism, brands can start from the packaging for the ocean Brands can contribute to the preservation of freshness and environmental protection of the ocean from the packaging, and this circular economy will affect the next generation.

I. Eco-friendly packaging

Today’s disposable culture will gradually become a consensus that the packaging of our products will play a primary role in reducing the global waste of food and products.

For a long time, customers believe that packaging is often unnecessary, and ultimately wasted by customers. But this misconception is now changing. Packaging innovations are working to extend the freshness of food, preserve food ingredients and ensure delivery safety. Brands now need to take action and use packaging as a communication channel to guide customers to understand the benefits packaging offers, from extending the shelf life of food to supplying safe, fundamental products to all regions of the world.

Second, electronic packaging

We are now in the Internet era, we need to buy the basic necessities of life from the Internet, the packaging of our products will play a key role in the e-commerce experience between the brand and the customer.

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular all over the world and can be found everywhere in the global markets. Our primary need for online shopping is convenience, and there is a huge selection of products available online, but customers’ expectations are still more from their favorite brands. When a planned package needs to be viewed online, or when a shipping package arrives home and needs to be opened, the ecommerce packaging experience must reflect the customer’s expectations when shopping in a store. However, we need to pay special attention to the quality of the packaging should also be very attentive to increase the credibility and influence the customer’s desire to buy, but can not do the goods are not right.

Third, clean label 2.0

For the packaging planning to guide customers’ purchasing decisions, brands will refuse to supply too much or too little information, because this may make shoppers more confused about the information involved in taking.

Because our customers have seen a lot of product packaging, but when we are disturbed by the overload of information, we may still be resistant to the brand. The planning principle of “essentialism” bridges the inevitable ambivalence of the customer in making an enlightened and proud purchase decision. We (box manufacturers) must bring a new generation of clean labels to packaging planning, providing a calm, clear time for customers in an increasingly busy retail environment.

Four, maintain the ocean

Plastic packaging floating in oceans across the world will be a catalyst to promote brands to consider product packaging from the ground up in contextual conditions that customers can understand and execute.

Customers’ demands for different varieties of safe packaging are raised, thus influencing shopping decisions. Brands will only be able to overcome the growing consumer barriers through best efforts in communication. Collecting plastic waste from the ocean and recycling it into new packaging can increase customer awareness of environmental issues, but it does not solve the root of the problem. In order to keep plastic out of the oceans, new efforts are needed in the circular economy to ensure that more environmentally friendly packaging materials are put into use.

V. Regaining popularity

The brand will focus on a modern sense of packaging to regain young customers to see those less visited mall aisles, will provide a broader selection of space for a new generation of customers. Younger shoppers are increasingly “shopping the perimeter” for fresh or frozen products around the store, then moving back to the center for processed and frozen products. Packaging made of transparent materials creates a sense of openness and trust, and meets the interests of a new generation of shoppers for fresher, healthier food. We will pay more attention to modern planning and recyclable packaging, and we want to enter the world of the younger generation and find out what they are looking for.

We want to be able to say with pride that we understand young people better.

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