How much do you know about VI design?

How much do you know about VI design?

What is VI and what does it do in our daily life? In today’s brand marketing, no VI planning for a modern enterprise means that VI is (Visual Identity), commonly translated as visual identity system, is the most communicative and infectious part of the CIS system. It is the most direct way to communicate the non-visible contents of CI into static visual identity symbols in the most extensive level with an incomparably rich variety of uses. Planning in place, the implementation of a scientific visual identity system is a fast and quick way to convey the business philosophy, establish corporate awareness and portray the corporate image.

Its image will be engulfed in the sea of business, so that people can not distinguish; it means that it is a short soul of the money-making machine; it means that its products and services have no characteristics, consumers have no attachment to it; it means that the team is loose and lost morale.

VI planning generally contains two major parts: the basic part and the use part. Among them, the basic part generally contains: the title of the enterprise, logo planning, logo, standard fonts, standard colors, auxiliary graphics, standard printing fonts, prohibited rules, etc.; while the use of the part generally contains: signs and flags, work supplies, public relations supplies, environmental planning, work clothing, special vehicles, etc.. The details are often the most detailed expression of corporate philosophy. If the side of the gift box presents as many corporate logos as possible, it is clear that the company is focusing on the expression of the concept. Other details such as information, folding boxes, bottle planning and label printing, whether the liquor box is easy to carry, the degree of sealing of the bottle, whether it is easy for children to obtain, all kinds of details, if they can be taken care of exhaustively and thoughtfully, will give consumers more points of trust in the company and its products.

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