How to attract consumers by highlighting the overall effect of the packaging box

How to attract consumers by highlighting the overall effect of the packaging box

Not only do we need to consider the whole when we do a job, our (packaging boxes) need to consider the whole at the beginning of planning and production, and they need to be outstanding, to reach a good furnishing characteristics. No matter how exquisite and beautiful your box is, our intention is to attract customers’ attention, which is what we cannot abandon in packaging. Our main purpose is to embody the product, which is the essence, and should not be changed by other elements.

(Packaging printing factory) in doing packaging for the product to focus on the recognition of the packaging, to allow our customers to recognize at a glance whether our products are what he needs, not because of the low recognition of the box and lead to the loss of traffic, the cost of this is very large, and now the traffic is becoming more and more expensive. Not only is the flow of physical stores more and more expensive, the flow of online traffic is also more and more expensive, because the flow is basically monopolized by BAT. So we do not spoil the customer’s moment, 3 seconds can not read the basic will not continue to understand.

The packaging is outstanding as a whole, to reach a better display role. A brand in a relatively large number of series of products, color, size, shape, image, composition and other elements, showing a common and all-embracing appearance, will be in the trade center, supermarkets and other sales venues for product placement, when the display appears to be outstanding in unity, and then constitute a distinctive feature, the sound of a larger group effectiveness.

In shopping malls when you have found that some shelves, series of packaging occupies a large area of display space, constituting a large visual tension, to other products occur to more than a few, to the crowd to fight the overwhelming occurrence of intense visual impact, as a way to get people’s attention. And better packaging series embodied by the whole beauty, rule beauty, and intense message conveying power, greatly strengthen the planning objectives and other products competitiveness. Because of the obvious features, appearing serially on the shelf can make customers be attracted to it and impressed by its identification symbol and name, and then reach the intention of improving influence and promoting sales.

It is very important for the packaging box to have a sense of unity and harmony. If the packaging image of the product lacks a sense of unity and harmony, the visual effect will appear to be lack of contact and fragmentation, which will also destroy people’s visual stability. Such a visual image is bound to be easy for people to ignore, or even to refuse to accept. Packaging as a visual art, it is necessary to be specific and complete image, the common language to convey the meaning.

Packaging series can be reflected in the outstanding totality of the packaging, the primary embodiment of the elements and the product content of the reconciliation of common.

It is necessary to reconcile the elements of planning with each other and deal with them inclusively. That is, each element constitutes a common aesthetic role, but also to other individual reference. The overall role is not equal to the way skills, but it is necessary to reflect through the way skills, if a product packaging planning graphics used in the style, the techniques used are not common, or perhaps the choice of color brightness, purity, color difference, or perhaps reflect the font used too mixed, too much, or perhaps no fixed, common layout arrangement, etc., will make the packaging planning order, lack of unity. And packaging planning series reflects the common features, precisely to meet the requirements of unity. So that the series of products have an inherent advantage in the presentation.

In our product packaging box production is very much, a product, no matter how the planning, always adhere to the principle of outstanding unity, to reach a very good display role. No matter how the product changes in shape, color, size, etc., and what visual effect it constitutes, it always makes people feel very harmonious and deeply impressed by the whole, which makes a visual impact on customers and promotes sales.

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