Hundred pieces of packaging design excellence on display

Hundred pieces of packaging design excellence on display

"OPEN2012 Program Capital Packaging Program Exhibition and the 8th 'Shenzhen Star' Grand Prix" was unveiled yesterday in Hall 9 of Shenzhen Convention Center. Nearly 1,000 square meters of exhibition area, flashing more than 100 pieces of Shenzhen packaging program macros exhibition board, flashing the highest degree of domestic packaging program and future growth trends. The exhibition will continue until the 9th.

  This conspiracy is one of the eighth series of conspiracies of the "Conception of Ten Mid-Summer", which is jointly organized by the Shenzhen Municipal Commission for the Promotion of Trade, the Shenzhen Tourism Bureau of Sports, the Shenzhen "Programme Capital" Promotion Office and the Shenzhen Packaging Industry Association.

  The exhibition is based on the theme of "Guanshang", and attempts to break through the traditional concept of "packaging solutions" and broaden its content, including posters and other three-dimensional visual solutions. The exhibition collected more than 3,000 pieces of works and selected more than 100 pieces of macro-architectural panels. Among the works, there are many "Asian Star", "International Star", "South China Star", "Guangdong Star" and "Shenzhen Star". ", "Shenzhen Star" award-winning works, reflecting the rich achievements of the Shenzhen packaging industry since the closure of more than 30 years.

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