“Jiangnan” a variety of tea there is excessive packaging

“Jiangnan” a variety of tea there is excessive packaging

Dragon Boat Festival holiday has arrived, zongzi, tea, salted eggs, nuts, etc. have become the public’s favorite seasonal products. City quality supervision part of the recently released product packaging special supervision and inspection results show that the Shanghai sale of zongzi gift packaging all pass, but tea has become the most affected by excessive packaging, only “Jiangnan” brand there are 8 batches of products packaging empty space rate does not meet the requirements of the rules.

In accordance with national mandatory standards for the sale of food and cosmetics packaging quantitative requirements, including rice dumplings, including pastry products packaging empty space rate shall not be greater than 60%, including tea, processed agricultural products, including other food, its packaging empty space rate shall not be greater than 45%. After inspection, there are 46 batches of over-packaged products, including 43 batches of tea by product type, 3 batches of processed agricultural and sideline products, differentiated by origin, 43 batches produced in foreign provinces and cities, 3 batches produced in the city. In the tea products judged to be over-packaged, "Jiangnan" brand of Biluochun, Longjing tea, Tieguanyin, a total of 8 batches of tea on the list; and including Jiuguang Department Store, Lotus, Goodwill, agricultural and industrial and other famous department stores and supermarket chains, also named for the sale of over-packaged tea products.

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