New opportunities for change in the logistics industry in the 5G era

New opportunities for change in the logistics industry in the 5G era

July 4, 2019 audio, Jingdong Logistics Group CEO Wang Zhenhui recently indicated that following the arrival of the 5G era, a 5G intelligent logistics demonstration park will be put into operation by November this year. Together, Jingdong Logistics also jointly released the White Paper “From Connection to Intelligence – 5G Helps Logistics Digital Transformation and Upgrading” together with China Unicom.

  Wang Zhenhui, CEO of Jingdong Logistics Group, said that Jingdong Logistics is actively exploring the future form of comprehensive IoT of intelligent logistics in the 5G era through the creation of typical use scenarios and standardized skill system construction based on 5G and IoT skills, and the launch of the white paper is expected to promote the IoT use and intelligent process of social supply chain in a standardized form.

  It is understood that in March this year, Jingdong Logistics announced the construction of G intelligent logistics demonstration park, which is located in Shanghai Jiading, and is planned to be gradually completed and landed in operation within the year; Jingdong said that, relying on 5G network communication skills, it will build a highly intelligent, self-determined and integrated intelligent logistics demonstration park through the integration of AI, IoT, autonomous driving, robotics and other intelligent logistics skills and products.

  It also indicates that with 5G smart logistics park as the beginning, Jingdong Logistics will also continue to promote more scenarios of 5G skills implementation together with major 5G operators in the United Nations to realize the interconnection of personnel, equipment and data of the whole logistics chain and the interoperability of the whole process root facilities such as parks, warehouses, sites, vehicles and end devices, gradually forming the use and skill standards of 5G in the logistics industry. In addition, Jingdong Logistics also leaked that it will work together to arrange the use of 5G in a number of logistics scenarios, such as Beijing Asian One, logistics full-link visual monitoring, and robotic intelligent delivery.

  In June this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued 5G commercial license plates to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Radio and Television, meaning that China officially entered the first year of 5G commercialization. The advent of the 5G era will inevitably bring huge changes to all walks of life, and the logistics and express delivery industry will naturally not be an exception. Wang Zhenhui, CEO of Jingdong Logistics Group, said that as a fundamental method to realize the interconnection of everyone, people and everything, logistics will become the best scenario for the use of 5G and IoT skills. In fact, Jingdong Logistics is also more active in promoting the use of 5G skills.

  In addition to the construction of 5G intelligent logistics demonstration park, in January this year, Jingdong Logistics signed a letter of intent to collaborate with China Unicom Network Research Institute, to carry out comprehensive and in-depth collaboration in key skills development, intelligent logistics demonstration park and other areas, and to discuss the use of 5G skills in the logistics field. In May, Jingdong Logistics also collaborated with Xiamen Bus Group and China Xinke Group to create a city-level 5G intelligent logistics scenario.

  Other express logistics companies have also made relevant layouts in the use of 5G skills. For example, China Unicom plans to join hands with Cainiao and Yuantong to build a 5G express distribution center; Deppon Express signed a strategic collaboration with China Unicom to build a 5G joint laboratory; and China Mobile joined hands with Xunyan to set up a 5G drone logistics use innovation laboratory, etc.

  All in all, there are many scenarios for the use of 5G skills in the new generation logistics industry, including warehousing equipment, unmanned distribution, intelligent connectivity, etc. In the future, 5G will become an indispensable skill condition for the development of intelligent logistics. However, the spread of 5G skills in logistics is not something that can be achieved overnight, and its use is still in the primary stage. Together, 5G skills in bringing opportunities, but also contains many dangers, the development of the profession still need to work together to promote.

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