Packaging box manufacturers analyze how to judge the good and bad of food packaging

Packaging box manufacturers analyze how to judge the good and bad of food packaging

 First of all, the packaging box packaging from the marketing point of view, the product not only needs a beautiful look and feel, but also needs to have a clear difference with the competition, that is to say, a very beautiful packaging is not necessarily a successful packaging, it needs to be in the dazzling shelves can catch the customer’s eye. Let customers have a deeper image of your product. This requires a full analysis of the characteristics of similar products before planning, and where possible, planning a packaging approach that differs from them.

 Secondly, the packaging box has developed from the original function of protection into a carrier of both protection, beauty and advertising, etc. Following the increasing aesthetic trek, consumers are demanding more and more about the beauty of the product. This requires planners to have deep art skills and planning talent, and also requires companies to be careful in the selection of planning companies or planners to distinguish, choose a high level of planning company is half of your success.

 After all, the color of the packaging, layout, font, illustrations and other elements of the organic combination and artistic treatment, in the food packaging color directly affects the appetite, beautiful, bright colors can affect the taste nerve of the brain, conversely, dim, monotonous colors can make people regurgitate; soft, rounded font can reflect the characteristics of food, on the contrary, thick, rigid fonts feel too industrial; full of tempting illustrations can directly evoke Consumers’ desire to buy, no illustration of the picture makes people feel vulgar. Therefore, it is necessary to handle every detail of the packaging in the right way.

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