Packaging box manufacturers believe that the future of business competition by brand future brand marketing by packaging

Packaging box manufacturers believe that the future of business competition by brand future brand marketing by packaging

Society is constantly developing, and many aspects of our lives will be affected, the importance of packaging for the sale of products is increasingly important. Currently, the mall economy is also known as the “eye economy”, through the novel and common packaging to attract customers, and let them accept is the direct performance of the role of packaging. Therefore, the importance of packaging in the marketing of products must be fully recognized.

That product packaging in the marketing process and the efficacy of what?

1, conducive to the sale of products

Packaging is an important thing to promote the smooth sale of products. Our packaging printing factory that the product packaging is good or bad, will not only affect whether the product can safely enter the circulation of the mall, but also affect the sale price of the product and the way. Products through the packaging, the first to enter the consumer market is to give customers the intuitive packaging of the product, can cause customers’ desire to consume and purchase motivation largely lies in the product packaging.

2、Beautify the product to improve the value

If a quality product lacks outstanding packaging, to a certain extent, its value will be reduced, if with appropriate, outstanding packaging, it will greatly increase the value of the product, so that excellent, innovative, sophisticated product packaging not only makes the product and packaging complement each other, but also can improve the value of the product, the establishment of the product’s image in the market, so that customers from the psychological certainty and willing to give high prices to buy, thereby increasing product sales and increase corporate profits.

How does the importance of product packaging in marketing show?

1、An active and useful marketing tool

Some people call the product packaging the final 5 seconds in marketing, it can be seen that its importance in marketing is increasingly prominent, and has an irreplaceable position in the marketing mix, by the attention of the production enterprises. If a production enterprise does not fully understand the importance of product packaging, and ignore the packaging, which will make the enterprise’s products lose in the final 5 seconds of the competition, even if the product quality is outstanding, but do not pay attention to product packaging, it will greatly reduce the expected role of product marketing.

2, an important strategy to help shape the brand image

In the new era, the competition of enterprises is increasingly intense, the competition is not only in skills, product quality, price and other hard aspects, but also in the brand image, product packaging and other soft aspects, in many soft competition, the brand image of the competition influence is increasingly prominent, and more and more important, but also the most direct competition methods. It can be said that the inner soul of the marketing of the product, while the packaging is a novel and sophisticated coat, only the organic combination of the two to form an outstanding brand, thereby improving marketing efficiency.

3、Help to meet the social and psychological needs of customers

The material, shape, color, icon and text of the product packaging will directly affect the imagery of the product by the public. Sophisticated, rich packaging will allow customers to occur high-end imagery, while simple and traditional packaging will allow customers to occur cheap, affordable feelings. Therefore, packaging printers believe that product packaging in marketing must focus on people’s mass social psychology, accurate expression of the product’s characteristics, can significantly improve the efficiency of marketing. Scientific and reasonable planning packaging, can be agile to hold the customer’s psychology, to the customer’s rational consumption on the impact.

4、Help to realize the self-selling of products

If an enterprise’s products and brands are not yet known to the masses, to improve the product’s ability to sell themselves, so as to open up a world in the market, it is necessary to innovate and work on the personality of product packaging, personality product packaging is usually expressed in the production enterprise’s product positioning, brand image, brand classification and sales channels and other elements. Personalized common, obvious product packaging allows customers to quickly identify and discriminate among similar products, not only to save time, but also to facilitate consumption. Together, the personalized product packaging also significantly improve the effectiveness of product self-marketing.

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