Packaging box manufacturers can also make calendars

Packaging box manufacturers can also make calendars

    In many people's impression, the calendar are printing manufacturers in the production, in fact, our understanding is wrong. Printing manufacturers only manage the printing process of calendars, the specific calendar manufacturing is still in the back channel manufacturers to manufacture, for example, like Fengmao packaging such as gift packaging box manufacturers. As the base frame of the calendar is grey board laminated art paper or coated paper, this is the same way as the manufacturing of gift boxes. The calendar manufacturing requires a lot of labor, because after the calendar frame is manufactured, there are also processes such as punching holes, matching pages, piercing and locking lines.

   So, in the future, there is no need to ask if you can manufacture calendars? We can inform you with a strong voice that we are not only able to manufacture, but also most of the calendars are made by our packaging box manufacturers. 

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