Packaging box manufacturers to talk about the importance of color design language in packaging design

Packaging box manufacturers to talk about the importance of color design language in packaging design

We all know that packaging printing has a very important effect on the final sale of the product, and the appearance of the product packaging color is one of the important elements to determine the customer to buy the product. Therefore, the color of the product packaging language performance in the promotion of product sales plays a pivotal role.

Now our way of life and consumer philosophy is also undergoing great changes, product packaging is now closely integrated with all aspects of our life, the same customer understanding of product packaging has also undergone essential changes, from the original emphasis on the maintenance of the product, and then to the variety of packaging shape, structure, rational, beautiful color and the accuracy of information conveyed and other aspects of the search. Among them, the color planning language in packaging planning has a pivotal effect, he can evoke people’s association of color, stimulate the senses of customers, and then guide consumer behavior.

A, the function of product packaging
1、The concept of product packaging

The concept of product packaging is very broad, on the whole, we can call the external form of all things packaging. Specifically, product packaging means wrapping, holding, wrapping the product container and packaging. Product packaging can be divided into internal packaging, packaging and external packaging. With the development of the economy and change, the product packaging printing increasingly highlights its importance.

2, the function of product packaging

(1) to maintain the integrity of the product shape is not damaged. Products in the storage, delivery, sale, consumption of different flows through the process will be affected by a variety of adverse factors from the outside. The adoption of scientific and reasonable packaging can make the product from unnecessary losses.

(2) facilitate the storage and delivery of products. It is also convenient for customers to carry and consume.

(3) the intention of marketing products. Good packaging planning can improve the competitiveness of the product, capture the customer’s consumer mind and vision, and ultimately stimulate customers to complete the purchase behavior. Therefore, we usually package planning is also known as product marketing planning. The “silent salesman” is the description of the image of product packaging planning. In today’s dazzling product packaging, the image of the product packaging to a certain extent expresses the external image of the brand and its enterprise.

(4) to improve the added value of its products. Product packaging is the continuation and extension of product production, good packaging planning can improve the value of the product and use value, the product can be protected from various hazards after packaging, and can improve the taste of the product, but also to give people a pleasant sense of consumption, creating more added value.

(5) Show the cultural characteristics of the brand and brand value, and can show the face of different regions.

Second, the characteristics of color language in the product packaging planning

Packaging has a very important effect on the final sale of the product, and the appearance of the product packaging color language is one of the important elements of the resolution of the customer to buy the product, in the increasingly fierce competition in the market, packaging in the daily life of customers play an increasingly important role. Wherever we go, there are colorful product packaging mapped in front of our eyes. Therefore, the packaging has bridged the communication between the producer and the customer. The color language is the perfect interpretation of the packaging, but also an important part of the packaging planning is indispensable. Color language is one of the most significant external features of product packaging, and is also the most interesting element in packaging planning.

Relevant expert studies have shown that color in packaging planning can touch the customer’s brain at the earliest and fastest, and attract the customer’s eyes. When customers buy a product, within the first few seconds of touching the product, the first thing they feel is the color of the product packaging, followed by the external image of the product. Therefore, the color language in the product packaging to give the first image is very important. As a planner, in the product packaging planning, reasonable and appropriate use of color language on the packaging, the promotion and implementation of the product has an important meaning. Make the planning of the packaging more strong visual effect.

In this way, it will play a vital influence on the consumption behavior of customers and achieve the ultimate intention of promoting the product. Secondly, we know that the same color in different cultural background of the region, different ethnic and religious influence, the customary association of color, understanding and symbolic meaning will be very different. Planners of product packaging planning good or bad, must take into account the local customer’s aesthetic judgment of color values and tendencies. Therefore, in modern packaging planning, color language planning has now become one of the intuitive elements to measure the quality of the product.


According to the principle of color science, we know that people have certain thoughts and emotions about color, the use of color to express a certain thing, behavior, perseverance and belief, etc. formed the symbolic meaning of color. Different colors will directly affect the human mind and physiological aspects, in packaging planning, the use of this color symbolic elements, so that customers through the color of the product packaging, a variety of different feelings and associations.

Undoubtedly, the promotion and promotion of products play a huge role in promoting the effect. We are in the food packaging planning, the appropriate use of color symbolism, to arouse the visual and gustatory awareness of customers, so that people see the external packaging can be associated with the connotation of the food, through the packaging reflects the color, aroma, taste of food. Then stimulate the customer’s desire to buy.

For example, like the packaging of orange juice drinks, the bright and natural color of the exterior makes people easily associate with the quality and taste of the internal drinks. Therefore, the planner in the planning of product packaging color, must be skilled in the application of color symbolic meaning, accurately reflect the image of the product color.


The prevalence of color refers to a certain social scope, a certain period of time, the product is particularly popular with customers and popular several colors or groups of colors, that is, the prevalent color, the prevalent color is a social mind products, reflecting the general preference of a certain period of time, with a great tendency. Planners should have a very keen observation of the prevailing color, it is properly used in the packaging planning, will play a positive effect on the product to promote. Of course, planning ideas are valuable in the change, in the prevailing trend if you break this change, the bold use of special methods, the opposite, but will receive unexpected effects, to promote the sale of products.


Color in the visual according to different regions, races, times, the public mentality and other aspects of the different elements and there is a great difference, it causes a change of mind is also diverse. This has led to the formation of different regional color customs. For example, Westerners think white is very pure and holy

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