Packaging manufacturers briefly describe the requirements of packaging gift box design

Packaging manufacturers briefly describe the requirements of packaging gift box design

Regarding the planning of packaging gift boxes, children’s food requires lively and cute packaging. Everyone’s opinion is different, so today I briefly understand the relevant content, this is a general direction, do packaging gift box planning when these factors are to be taken into account

1 Aesthetic.

Satisfying people’s aesthetic needs has become the primary subject of packaging gift box planning. Once simply put a product photo packaging can no longer satisfy people’s aesthetics, the need for a more artistic way to indicate. The food packaging planners also make the product packaging more artistic through the abstract approach, leaving people with space for remote imagination. The effect of planning for a meat company product planning, the use of cartoon images, the effect is very significant.

2 Reasonableness.

Packaging gift box picture can be properly exaggerated, but not arbitrarily exaggerated. Modern food packaging planning more and more using the role of art to show the characteristics of the product, such as computer painting out of the color box packaging planning products, this approach can compensate for the lack of photography, and ingredients, materials and other random combinations, so that people more intuitive to know the product, trust the product.

3 uniqueness.

The market is full of food packaging gift box planning, how to make their products stand out from many similar goods, which requires creativity and uniqueness.

4 Targeted.

Because some food, specifically for a range of consumer groups within the Shenzhen printing plant, food packaging gift box planning on the need for outstanding display. Such as the elderly food, packaging is more conservative, the color will also be used to use dark and discreet colors.

Bright colors and often have some added value; for a regional product, can indicate the local characteristics of the packaging, such as the use of dialect, cultural rush, etc..

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