The application of embossing process in the production of gift boxes

The application of embossing process in the production of gift boxes

 I believe many of you have seen the role of embossing on the text on the handwriting, this process makes the text three-dimensional, which is a way to improve the level of printed or packaged products. Today, I will tell you about the use of embossing in the manufacturing of gift boxes.

   The top of the gift box with convex and concave process is more in the tea packaging, wine packaging, moon cake packaging above. The most important thing is to make sure that the box is made in a way that is not too difficult to handle.

    First of all, it is best not to do embossed copper version of the general hot stamping version, should be used to carve the electric engraving version, electric engraving version to make a sense of hierarchy, and pressed out of the text convexity stronger, the general hot stamping version is not to achieve this effect.

   Secondly, with the electric engraving plate stamping and embossing is able to do down together. But if you do UV, you have to do UV first, then do embossing, or do embossing, UV is not good to do up.

   Finally, if it is in the existing printing or perhaps UV after the text or pattern to do UV, the orientation is necessary to align, if the orientation is wrong, it will affect the role of embossing. 

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