The embodiment of packaging creativity

The embodiment of packaging creativity

 The embodiment of packaging concept: packaging planning is an indispensable part of modern commodities and external way, conceptual packaging planning is not only a beautiful coat of goods into the market. It is also an effective means to achieve the value of goods and use value. Successful packaging planning must contain certain conceptual elements. What is conceptualization? This is both a simple and complex problem.                
 Conception is a good idea, a good idea, and show its novelty, uniqueness. The "creation" in the idea has "the first -" interpretation. The "idea" has the meaning of "novelty, creativity". The embodiment of packaging planning concept is multifaceted, can be from packaging materials, packaging form, packaging structure, but also from the packaging brand font, packaging graphics, packaging color, packaging arrangement and other detailed links to reflect the concept. Packaging planning is a visual communication art, seeking visual originality, aesthetics, together with a clear message, no clear information visual way of conceptual embodiment, its conception can not reflect the commercial value of packaging, conception has always been around the function of packaging - to convey information.                

Packaging planning conception preparation: conception embodies an innovation, innovation is the source of human society, but also the inexhaustible power of art forward, seeking new, change. Packaging planning services for business, facing the competition is fierce shopping malls and discerning customers, the only conceptual merchandise packaging can have sales force, attractiveness, to subdue the mall to win the pro-gaze of customers. Conception is the soul of planning, is the condition of successful planning. Excellent ideas come from the planner's keen insight into the market and active consideration, the accumulation of knowledge and rich experience. Conception is the magic weapon of successful packaging planning.

However, packaging planning conception is a constrained creative activity, (such as the basic size of the package, form, the subjective views of customers, packaging costs, packaging processing technology constraints, etc.) How to create freedom in the constraints, in the limited conditions to do unlimited consideration, is a long time work that every planner must try to explore.

Packaging in the detailed conception before, first of all, the production of goods and products to make a full understanding of the enterprise, generally from three aspects: 1.
1, the basic situation of the market, such as the product’s market characteristics and potential, competition rivals and other aspects.
2, the basic situation of the consumer, such as; the age of the consumer, economic income, cultural quality and other aspects.
3, the basic situation of the relevant products in the mall and their own products, (such as new products on the market or old products repackaged) including brand image and visibility, goodwill, trust, product price, quality, sales methods and other aspects.
Through extensive understanding, the planner can, based on the materials grasped, give full play to personal imagination and creativity to make the beginning of the conceptual ideas, and then through further iterations, perfection and development, and finally determine the conceptual point of entry. Packaging concept objectives in general should be firmly established “people-oriented” thinking, Laozi once said: so the road is big, the sky is big, the earth is big, people are also big. There are four major areas, and people live in one. Show that people are important factors that can not be ignored, to pay attention to people, people-oriented thinking. In the search for accurate and reasonable positioning of packaging planning. To focus on the material needs of people and spiritual feelings. The process of embodiment of the packaging idea begins with our thoughts, the greater and more horizontal the reverse of this idea, and can fit the logic, with implementability, which is the valuable idea.

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