The evolutionary history of the iPhone box

The evolutionary history of the iPhone box

  Whenever Apple releases a new product, not only the fans, but also all channels on the Internet are like exploding. And, undoubtedly, most people will focus on the newly released product’s features and where the advancements and perhaps advantages are compared to the previous generation.

  Then there will be netizens will continue to come up with every new release will have the previous generation of cell phones for comparison. So a comparison, the new product is really step by step in the continuous march. Determined to buy buy buy …….

  However, I would like to ask, there are friends will care or perhaps care about the iPhone evolution of the other same thing – packaging? In fact, following the phone generation after generation update, the packaging is also updated. The following chart, we can look at the beginning of the first generation of iPhone has been to the iPhone6Plus box changes.
  I believe that not only Apple, basically every cell phone product company or perhaps any kind of product packaging is in order to save money and more beautiful boundary, constantly improving. Regarding the new product that just came out, the box fiber of iPhone X is completely made of forest, bamboo, abandoned sugar cane and recycled paper that Apple is handling. In fact, Apple’s packaging has always been committed to reducing the paper used in packaging, maintaining and inventing sustainable forests.

  We can see some clues in the packaging of iPhone 6s to iPhone 7. In the iPhone 6s box, two stacked plastic trays were included to hold the device and accessories separately. By the iPhone 7, Apple adopted a new packaging plan, using only one tray to complete the two jobs.
  The packaging of the randomly included EarPods is no exception. Once upon a time, the EarPods for the iPhone were packaged in plastic boxes, and with the Lightning interface version of the EarPods, the box became a cardboard + glue structure.
  So it can be seen that Apple in the packaging planning and materials used in the persistence of environmental protection. Now Apple packaging boxes, manufacturing raw materials from 99% recyclable materials or from renewable forests, not only that, the maintenance and planting of trees has also become the work of Apple has been doing over the years. Whether it is about foreign product packaging planning, or domestic product packaging planning, whether it is New York or Zhengzhou, the planning of product packaging boxes, environmental protection, will be a major trend in the future.

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