The production process requirements of moving corrugated boxes

The production process requirements of moving corrugated boxes

As we all know, Shenzhen is a city with a large foreign population, people in order to day, change jobs, relocation is really too widespread thing. For the relocation of the carton manufacturing process requirements have what kind of different, please let me to tell you in detail. Corrugated boxes are not only used for packaging and shipping new products, but also for many other purposes, such as relocation. What is the difference between a corrugated box for relocation and a general carton box?

 Relocation corrugated cartons use a uniform standard, so that when transported, so that the loading space in the car are occupied, neatly arranged, simple to unload, but also simple to load. And general carton boxes, but there are different standards, you want how big you can order how big the carton boxes, each product carton box standards are different, the surface is also different.

 Relocating corrugated cartons, because the things loaded are very heavy, the natural demand for stronger carton cartons, therefore, the use of five layers of paper: from the face paper, corrugated paper, heart paper, corrugated paper, box board paper processing, so it is more sturdy. And the general carton box is three layers, from the face paper, corrugated paper, boxboard processing and made, can withstand the weight is relatively small.

In fact, the corrugated carton for relocation is more than the general carton box can withstand a greater weight, so that you can carry things.

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