Three major points to know when designing boxes for packaging box manufacturers

Three major points to know when designing boxes for packaging box manufacturers

About the use of packaging boxes, I believe that the major businessmen are not unfamiliar, so our packaging box manufacturers in the production of how to plan to catch the minds of customers? Here is a look together.

First, the planning of packaging boxes personalized

In order to make the planning of packaging boxes personalized, we must first grasp the customer’s mind, try our best to match the customer’s personality mind, and get the coordination of packaging and products in the emotion, so that the customer can understand the characteristics of the product in a certain image. The careful consideration of each detail reflects a personality, an attitude, and even the belief in the brand.

Second, personalized packaging planning

Must enhance the visual impact of personalized packaging planning, the use of color to invent visual impact. According to a query conducted by psychologists, 83% of people’s memory of the brand depends on visual, 1 % on auditory, 3 % on tactile. Color plays a particularly important role in the planning of the box. As different colors will cause different visual reflections, which will lead to different mental activities.

Third, the planning of personalized packaging should also have environmental awareness

The 21st century is the century of “greenism”, environmental awareness is now deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Inventing a packaging box that is conducive to environmental protection and human health is the common goal sought by customers and planners today.

Therefore, while seeking planning concepts and marketing benefits, packaging planners should be guided by the interests of social groups and take full account of social costs and social responsibilities, as well as the benefits and harms of environmental protection, which is particularly worth reflecting on. Many products are now over-packaged. Momentum. Over-packaging refers to the packaging of products and over-value products. Excessive packaging of enterprises not only increases the burden of customers, but also wastes valuable packaging resources, aggravates the deterioration of the ecological environment, and increases the burden of disposal of waste materials.

In short, the planning innovation of packaging box manufacturers should be a clear communication of information, functional quality, common and appropriate market positioning and sense of influence, and include a rich planning civilization. The innovative packaging planning should be appropriate, perfect, meet the creative purpose, show the characteristics of the times, give planning civilization and national style, including the essence of the enterprise and the characteristics of the product, so that people appreciate and can instantly cause the consensus of customers. Resonance. Pay attention to the problems that should be paid attention to in the planning of the stand-alone packaging box, so that the stand-alone packaging planning is more valuable.

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