Trends in recyclability of packaging materials

Trends in recyclability of packaging materials

Nowadays, the competition in the packaging industry is increasing, so that the differences between similar products are gradually reduced, the homogeneity of the value of commodity use is gradually increasing, and the dependence of product sales on the role of packaging is getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, how to make the product packaging appears unusual is also urgent packaging industry to consider.

Following the development of green low-carbon environmental sustainability, the future of packaging will also be towards safety, environmental protection, intelligent and other directions, so that packaging becomes more diversified and multi-functional.

The expansion of the liquid packaging paperboard mall scale is the primary driver of the entire packaging industry, affecting the global packaging mall demand trends.

Liquid packaging board consumption in developed regions accounted for the largest share of total global consumption of liquid packaging malls in 2014, with new and increasing demand from new economies in Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Central and South America.

The most widespread trends in the packaging industry include the following: smaller or lighter packaging; easier recovery and recycling; a higher share of recyclables; and greater use of renewable raw materials.

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