What are the methods of inner packaging designed by box manufacturers

What are the methods of inner packaging designed by box manufacturers

We can divide the packaging into many varieties, but it is too tedious and messy to subdivide, we (packaging box manufacturers) generally simply divide the packaging into two major categories, namely the inner packaging and outer packaging. What are the differences between internal and external packaging? We are now going to introduce to you how they are planned in terms of inner packaging planning.

In fact, there are many ways to plan the inner packaging of packaging boxes. Planners will use deformation, extrusion, stacking and additional, decoration and other ways to show the civilization connotation of the product, to reflect the style of the packaging with its detailed visualization, to reflect the quality and characteristics of the product with color, text, material and so on.

Our internal packaging also has its own style, and there are great differences, because this is the need for packaging and planning forms of diversification. From the original folklore ethnic to avant-garde modern conceptual packaging, from rustic traditional packaging to gorgeous modern packaging, from simple and generous packaging to luxury packaging, the same product different styles of conception will have different packaging styles to show, to bring different effects for the promotion of enterprises.

Everything is changing, our packaging is of course, we have to blend with the times, euphemism can be combined with the bold, to shape, for example, or transparent, or full package, or half package or cumbersome, simple, rough and slender, layers and layers, jagged and disorderly, etc., full of characterization, but also with the diversity of civilization.

In terms of packaging structure, comprehensive, clear, differentiated, blurred, a variety of different structures will be more visualized and obvious features of packaging planning. As for the color, the inner packaging planning pays more attention to the overlapping parallel between low-purity natural soft colors and high-purity colors. There are many planners originality, planning to think into the non-existent mutually exclusive color, although at first glance very messy, but with a unique style characteristics, more simple by consumers to bear and familiar with, especially our young people now.

In addition, after the cascade, combination, texture, transparency and other planning treatment, the different characteristics of the (packaging box) to show, so that the color occurs in orderly, changing style of light and dark, to add more fun and mood.

In terms of packaging materials, the inner packaging planning also attaches more importance to diversity and richness. This is mainly reflected in the original material and the application between the morphological structure, texture and combination. Sometimes because of the differences between people and packaging targets, our packaging planning has different, for example, some planners creatively use deformation, hollowing and combination of techniques to make the appearance of the material looks reins and rich, more new image, more aesthetic value.

However, not all packaging planners are able to plan outstanding packaging, most of them still tend to be popular, and therefore bring little promotional effect. Planning a good packaging not only depends on our planners, sometimes also subject to other factors, such as the product being packaged, product positioning, etc., so it is not easy to plan a good internal packaging.

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