What are the three new trends in white wine packaging

What are the three new trends in white wine packaging

   Now for the holidays to send not gifts but packaging, exquisite finishing kamado in addition to the completion of the protection of goods, the delivery of commodity information, marketing goods and other basic functions, but also carries heavy transmission of information between people and emotional communication, to enhance the taste of liquor packaging in value. From a commercial point of view, liquor packaging is a medium of communication and a bridge of friendship that reflects human emotions.

  Bottle type – foreign for Chinese

  Existing liquor bottle type can be described as a variety of, a wide range of patterns, leaving aside the traditional bottle type, we found a few representative bottle type, such as: purple sand human-shaped bottle – shopkeeper, smile, naive, giving people a straightforward and honest, sincere and real sense, the most intuitive embodiment of ” Shopkeeper” cultural positioning and market positioning; crystal bottle type of Wuliangye Panda wine, with crystal crystal clear, Wuliangye noble and rare combination of panda, the so-called “rare things are valuable”. But to achieve a high degree of unity between bottle type and culture, and product core, and personality, based only on “China” is far from enough, but should be wider and farther horizons.

  The bottle shape of foreign wine has been widely recognized by people not mouth esteem, the packaging industry, the fashion industry has been concerned about the foreign perfume bottle shape, its innovation, the speed of change, the new, the classic, breathtaking, we can borrow foreign cross-industry packaging bottle? Draw on some of the characteristics of foreign perfume bottle types to launch a few new packaging. Packaging designers are the only way out by exploring a different path of innovation.

  Color – multi-color multi-purpose

  Color is the strongest element in the packaging, it conveys the packaging emotion. Traditional liquor packaging to red, yellow, gold-based colors, now difficult to form a visual impact, simply can not leave a deep imprint in the hearts of consumers.
  Nowadays, among many liquor packaging, such liquor brands as “Yanghe” and “Live Brew” stand out in the competition with their unique packaging colors. Yanghe’s Blue Classic is mainly blue, and this packaging fully reflects the cultural aspiration of “Yanghe” wine to return to the sea, which is perfectly combined with the brand of “Yanghe Blue Classic”. The same as Yanghe is the “Living Brew”, which has a soft green background with a flowing “living” character, accurately reproducing the green culture of the “Living Brew”. The core of the packaging is the green culture of “Live Brew”, forming a strong external product identity that echoes the inner core of the “Live Brew” brand.

  Personalized color positioning is becoming a common choice for innovation, with the visual impact of color breaking through the packaging of liquor, including passionate red, mature and stable dark brown, as well as beige, white, black and so on.

  Wine ware – ancient for modern use

  The history of wine ware is almost as long as wine, and the ancient wine ware in China is dazzling and varied, and the shape of wine ware is even more varied and varied.

  The bronze ware has become an important part of Chinese culture with its exquisite craftsmanship, variety and lively, lifelike shape, and is a symbol of dignity and majesty.

  Moutai, the national wine, has made use of the majesty and gravity of bronze products and the artistic characteristics of dignity to launch a high-end liquor packaged in bronze products, which has caused a stir in the society. This packaging fully reflects the profound cultural heritage of Maotai wine and perfectly illustrates Maotai’s unrepeatable characteristics as a national wine. The combination of bronze culture and national wine culture is a marriage of two different background cultures and a high condensation of Chinese culture, which not only promotes bronze culture but also enhances national wine culture. The designer’s high artistic attainment and rich artistic imagination not only attract the consumers’ eyes, but also push the supreme status of Maotai national wine to the extreme.

  Among the many wine vessels, in addition to bronze, there are pottery, lacquer, jade, porcelain and crystal wine vessels, etc. The ancient wine packaging for the present is also an innovation and an option to broaden the design of liquor packaging ideas.

  In fact, the product and packaging match is the key. Only a realistic positioning of the product, to the packaging positioning, out of the irrational circle of wine quality and packaging do not match, liquor brands will have a broader living space. The success of Shuizifang is inseparable from its reasonable product and packaging positioning, superior wine quality, exquisite packaging, elaborate packaging materials, combined with the “world’s first winery” cultural excavation, every nuance, all show the style of high-grade liquor, so that consumers really feel that value for money, value for money, reflecting the material consumption The perfect combination and high unity of material consumption and spiritual consumption.

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