What does CMYK mean?

What does CMYK mean?

CMYK is also known as the printing color mode, each letter represents a color, that is, subtractive color printing. Printing four-color mode is a color printing mode used in color, using the principle of mixing the three primary colors of the color material, plus black ink, a total of four colors mixed and superimposed, forming the so-called “full-color printing”.

The four standard colors are: C: Cyan = cyan, also known as ‘sky blue’ or ‘blue’ M: Magenta = magenta, also known as ‘magenta’; Y. Yellow = yellow; K: Key Plate (blacK) = positioning overlay color (black).

The image seen in print is what the CMYK mode shows. For example, periodicals, magazines, newspapers, posters, etc., are printed, then it is the CMYK mode.

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