Which packaging plant is good

Which packaging plant is good

There are only a few aspects to packaging, whether the planning is exquisite, whether the printing quality is excellent, whether the price is met. Just meet these three points is a good packaging factory, Changsha, there are many packaging factories, one-to-one customer service system, the combination of quality and the best price, to meet the thousands of customers.

A. Packaging planning

Shape: according to the physical and chemical properties of the product, combined with the product’s own provincial image and value, from shape planning to internal planning are personalized planning.

Structure: the use of small volume, light weight packaging materials, to eradicate excessive packaging.

Specifications: printing the use of national printing production standards, and strive to standardize and standardize the packaging, in order to facilitate the delivery and loading and unloading, saving freight.

Second, packaging and printing from the exchange to the final shipment sign-off, there is a perfect overall service process

1、Communication and recognition of collaboration plans

Changsha Hongfeng has a multi-channel communication contact methods, business bridge, QQ, WeChat, telephone and other communication methods at any time for your service. One-to-one customer marketing manager docking, answer your questions.

2、Service guarantee

Acknowledge the style, material, scale, planning and manufacturing cycle of the product and sign the collaboration agreement.

According to the plan required by the product to select the main materials and auxiliary materials for the packaging box. Common raw materials: corrugated paper, white cardboard, kraft paper, etc.

Printing and planning price: Based on the raw materials, quantity, printing and planning, we will calculate and determine the price.

Manufacturing cycle: acknowledge the planning cycle (1-3 days), delivery cycle (7-15 days).

3、Price system

Custom packaging price accounting system is very complex, Hongfeng has a perfect accounting system, from the paper to the process to the planning of not only a separate accounting, and also has a multi-service discount accounting framework, the overall price is lower than the mall 10%-30%.

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