How to design the packaging box

How to design the packaging box

How to plan the packaging box, I believe that many people have this question, then today I summarize it, to share with you, the packaging planning guidelines are scientific, economic, reliable, beautiful. This is based on the rules of packaging planning summed up the scientific guidelines.

 1, science refers to the packaging planning is necessary to first consider the function of packaging, to maintain the product, provide convenience and expand the intention of sales.

 2, economic to require packaging planning is necessary to meet the modern advanced level of industrial production, to achieve the least financial, material, human and time to obtain the maximum economic effect.

 3, reliable is the requirement of packaging planning to maintain product reliability, can not make the product in a variety of links in the flow of damage, pollution or complementary theft. This requires the packaged goods to be scientific analysis, the choice of reasonable packaging methods and materials, and reliable structural planning, and even to carry out some special treatment.

 4, beautiful is the general public together. Packaging planning is necessary in the functional and material and technical conditions promised to create a lively, perfect, healthy, harmonious modeling planning and decorative planning for the packaged products. Then stimulate people's desire to buy, beautify people's lives, and cultivate a healthy, noble aesthetic taste.

 1、Packaging label

 Packaging label is attached to or hung on the product sales package of text, graphics, carving and printed clarification. The label can be attached to the product as a simple sticker, can also be carefully planned as part of the packaging graphics.

 2、Package mark

 Is printed on the outside of the delivery package graphics, text and numbers and their combination. There are three main types of packaging signs: shipping signs, indicative signs and warning signs.


 Conception is the soul of planning. It is difficult to develop a fixed conceptual method and formula like conceptual procedure in the planning and creation. Creation is mostly from unsophisticated to sophisticated, in this process must be some or deny some, amend some or add some, is a normal phenomenon. The center of conception is to consider what and how to embody the two problems. The answer to these two questions is to deal with the following four points: embodied points, embodied viewpoint, embodied method and embodied way. As in combat, the main point is the target of attack, the point of view is the breakthrough, the method is the tactics, the way is the weapon, any one of the links is not handled well will be a total loss of success.

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