Packaging box printing work, how can the unit easily change color

Packaging box printing work, how can the unit easily change color

In our (box) printing work, color change is an essential part of the process. Color change is to replace the ink color of a certain unit, or to convert from general base color ink to spot color ink. Now in our printing work, the use of spot-color ink printing has become very general, sometimes a shift will have to change the spot color four or five times, frequent washing can be said to be a particularly troublesome thing, the most worrying or in the case of roller quality is not safe, spot-color ink light ink color, it is even more troublesome. Sometimes the car wash, color change repeated many times are not well adjusted, which is a serious impact on the normal conduct of our printing work. Since the printing unit color change work is so important, that can make us easy to change colors? And then cut our work in some unnecessary trouble it?

First, we must first learn the general knowledge of the theory of light and color, the principle of color and the basic laws of change to grasp. Then we will combine our practical printing situation to apply, repeatedly figure out and flexible use.

Second, when we (packaging box printers) received a spot-color print, the need for the spot-color group for a general analysis, which should be allocated by several primary colors of ink from? What is the approximate proportion? Such as orange and red is generally more yellow ink red ink less, snow blue is generally more red ink blue ink less, coffee is generally yellow, red ink half and then add some black ink, shallow spot color also has a lot of watering down agent, etc..

Third, select the color group near the spot color to be printed to wash the car for color. Now the four-color machine is more widespread, the flexibility to select the blue group is relatively large. Once the wrong choice of color group, is certainly a thankless task, such as orange ink should not pick blue group, but should choose yellow or red group, because orange even if only a little blue ink residue will make the color gray; silver ink should not pick red group, but should be black group, so that it will be relatively simple to change the color, even if the car wash is not very clean, will not obviously affect the visual effect, affecting the quality of the product.

Fourth, in the selection of a good color group, ready to wash the car before the color change, but also based on the chromatic analysis of the spot color to be printed, in the rubber roller pre-painted some spot color contained in the other primary colors of ink. That is to say, if the spot color is golden red, then apply some yellow ink on the original red group, if it is coffee, then apply some yellow ink and a few black ink on the red group. Then, let the machine run for a moment, and then wash off with car wash water. The advantage of doing this is to let the ink hue coated on the rubber roller has been roughly close to the spot hue before cleaning, basically cleaning it, at most two washes is almost done. Even if not clean, leaving residual ink, will not change the color of the print. Fifth, the rubber roller to clean in a relatively short period of time, must ensure that the pressure between the rubber roller, rubber washer rubber strip and the pressure between the series of ink roller true. In addition, the two ends of the rubber roller should focus on washing a moment more. Because most of the rubber rollers are olive-shaped after a period of time, the two ends of the simple aging, cracking, mottling, the original ink in the residue is not easy to clean, and then affect the color of the print. Of course, when necessary, can also rely on some cleaning agents, such as up to accumulate water, up to accumulate Yuk, etc., but the use of slightly higher costs. In conclusion, we have to rely on the accumulation of common sense and experience, to grasp the work methods and techniques, the reasonable use of effective additives.

The above is our packaging box manufacturers through the production in practice summed up the printing unit color change common sense, generally encountered in the above five points, there will be later to make up, expect after learning the above five aspects, trust for the printing work to cut money, energy investment, and can overall progress in the benefits of packaging printing.

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