Printing ink for packaging boxes should go with the green

Printing ink for packaging boxes should go with the green

Nowadays, environmental protection and sustainable development have become a major issue of international importance. After a long period of development, especially since the industrial revolution, we have achieved glorious results in transforming nature and developing economy, but because of the improper treatment in the industrialization process, especially the unreasonable exploitation of natural resources, it has caused global environmental pollution and ecological damage, which poses a threat to the survival and development of human beings. For this reason, the protection of the ecological environment, to complete the harmonious development of the economy and society, has become an urgent and arduous task for the world.

In our (packaging boxes) printing industry and ink industry development and people’s daily life environment is closely related, life needs of food, drugs, cosmetics, beverages to a variety of children’s products packaging, are inseparable from the printing and ink, therefore, the printing industry and ink industry environmental protection in people’s real life plays an important role, the ink industry must be green and environmental protection of the printing industry peer.

What is the current state of environmental protection in China’s ink industry?

Following the rapid development of domestic and foreign economies, economic diversification, the rapid development of the packaging and printing industry, China’s printing ink industry is also progressing. The domestic ink industry forces are also growing stronger, by the original handful of ink production plants, developed to thousands of ink production enterprises, including joint ventures, wholly-owned enterprises, there are also private enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and individual ink factory. These enterprises are scattered in Guangdong as the center of the Pearl River Delta, Shanghai and Zhejiang as the center of the Yangtze River Delta area, Tianjin, Beijing and Liaoning as the center of the Bohai Sea area.

Ink enterprises in order to get used to the global packaging and book printing market demand for environmental protection, the development and production of a variety of types of green ink products, some products to fill the gaps in the country, some products to international standards. For example, some ink enterprises certified by the ISO international practice and quality standards, some enterprises to meet the domestic and international environmental standards, some enterprises ink product color standards certified by the U.S. Pantone standards, etc.. For example, China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection to ensure the development of environmentally friendly products in China’s ink industry, the development and publication of environmental labeling ink product standards “environmental labeling product skills requirements offset printing ink” and “environmental labeling product skills requirements gravure ink and flexographic ink”. After the introduction of the standards, many ink companies produced ink products adhere to the direction of green, environmental protection, safety and health. The implementation of the social responsibility of safety, so that the ink industry quickly to the direction of non-toxic, so that China’s ink industry in the process of development to environmental protection and green printing peer.

Then what can we do in the practical production and work?

1, strengthen the progress of environmental awareness of ink practitioners. We all know the heavy metal content in the ink, VOC (volatile organic compounds), the presence of toxic and hazardous substances in the production of ink is one of the sources, advocating that ink companies should start as early as possible from their own product quality system and environmental protection system construction and improvement, etc., to improve the comprehensive management capacity of enterprises.

Although most of the enterprises to the green direction, but there are still some ink enterprises did not carry out the certification of the relevant environmental standards of ink, advocating that no environmental certification of ink enterprises, progress in environmental awareness, as early as possible to certify and pass the standards related to environmentally friendly ink products.

2, advocate accelerating the development and production of commercial printing with environmentally friendly rotary offset ink products, so that more commercial printing with environmentally friendly ink.

3, advocate strict standards for the production and use of chemical materials and environmental standards and rules, ink companies should eliminate the use of toxic and polluting chemical materials in ink products as soon as possible.

4, advocate strengthening the importance of China’s ink production industry and the printing industry to develop green environmental protection, the development and publication of more environmental requirements and standards on ink products, policies and regulations.

5, advocate ink enterprises attach great importance to the “three wastes” recovery. General ink production will occur in the wastewater, waste gas and state waste, some companies have installed the standard control and recovery of the “three wastes” of the equipment to ensure a non-toxic production environment. However, there are still some ink enterprises in the production or “open”, no installation of environmental protection equipment, advocate for the physical and mental health of employees, as soon as possible to install the emission of “three wastes” recovery equipment, and take related environmental protection measures.

Our development is of course important, but our environment is even more important, that is, green water and green mountains is the silver mountain of gold. We (packaging box manufacturers) to protect the living environment we depend on, to promote environmental green printing, the pursuit of more long-term development.

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