Notes on the design of packaging boxes

Notes on the design of packaging boxes

   Packaging boxes are not only used to package goods, but also play a role in brand promotion. A sophisticated and high-grade box can improve the visibility of the enterprise and strengthen the brand utility of the enterprise. Chongqing packaging box manufacturers specialize in planning and producing packaging boxes for 14 years, and the company's senior box planner will explain to you the matters you need to pay attention to when planning your packaging boxes.

    A good box planning can enhance consumers' desire to buy and promote good sales. And the packaging box planning, must be clear about the characteristics of the carton, so that it can be used scientifically.

    First, the theme of packaging box planning should be clear

    When a product box lacks a theme, it will be a big discount in the sale. Packaging box planning should be based on product characteristics, do not disparate within, disparate within will form a fraudulent feeling, it is difficult to have repeat customers.

    Second, the packaging box planning to be down-to-earth

    The packaging box should be planned according to the actual situation of the product, excessive luxury planning will make the product false appearance, due to excessive decoration of the box, and no product quality support for the guarantee, will often let the guests have a kind of fraudulent feeling.

    Third, the planning of packaging boxes should be in line with the trend of demand

    If the product is related to the green environment, the box can be planned as an environmentally friendly recycled box, which can not only protect the recycling of resources, but also protect the nature of the product. Packaging box planning needs planning inspiration, packaging costs, consumer rationality or rational purchase, life discovery, etc. Qinling packaging box manufacturers, professional planning and production of packaging boxes for sale for 14 years, specializing in wine packaging boxes, tea packaging boxes, watch packaging boxes, gift packaging boxes and other high-end packaging boxes, with a senior planning team and production team for your products tailored to plan a variety of packaging boxes.

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