Packaging box design “innovation”

Packaging box design “innovation”

   Innovation, not synonymous with the Internet era, from industrialization 1.0 to the current global Internet economic era, has not been suspended to lead the development of innovation. With the white-hot competition in the market driven by high-tech innovation, business models, closed-loop channels, and product innovation are the hot topics of discussion in this era, but few people have put forward groundbreaking suggestions for product packaging or product box innovation. The product packaging box, as a carrier for product circulation, is also an important foreword for marketing strategy, corporate image and brand civilization, and the concept of packaging planning is still hesitantly wandering on the chasing point of 'good image and high value'.

   With the increasing progress of people's aesthetic ability to packaging, we enter any supermarket a wide range of products in sophisticated packaging, from senior luxury gifts to the planning of sophisticated leisure food, consumers have become accustomed to the appearance of the outer box of these products, aesthetic fatigue, there has long been no 20 years ago these sophisticated packaging to bring people's surprise. In a zero-sum competition state of the price war, we focus on how to improve the exposure of product packaging in the consumer collective, how to improve the marketing power of product packaging boxes, in fact, how to improve the packaging planning of the concept of the market and innovative ideas, is the top priority of enterprise marketing and packaging planner innovation work, which is also from the "fruit This is also from the "fruit" of planning-oriented, backward to the "cause" of the recognition of innovation and thought promotion.

   From the point of view of product packaging box planning tends to be more of a consumer resolution science. Today's planners consider not only the product itself log shape, external shape or color planning, but also must involve the shopping environment, shelf awareness, consumer motivation and brand marketing and other comprehensive issues, which is a kind of planning in the planning of the planning of innovation.

   Economist Schumpeter believes that innovation is nothing more than: "the development of new products, the use of new skills, the development of new markets, the use of new materials, the completion of new arrangements" and other five aspects of the content. Schumpeter's theory of "innovation" has become a classic, and is still regarded as a standard by the academic theoretical community.

   For the above theory we read carefully and found that, in terms of product packaging innovation, if the product itself does not have any qualitative changes, the planning approach is still the same old way, with a high value of the new packaging box pushed into the market again, giving consumers a different feeling, but after all, the product is still the same product. Maybe it can bring sales improvement, maybe no one is still asking for it, so this so-called product packaging innovation, is it considered innovation? First of all, regardless of the correctness of Peter Xiong's theory of innovation or not, or perhaps understanding how, on this just with high value of the packaging box innovation to apply the above theory, it really is not what innovation!

   To this day, there are still packaging industry experts who initiate those clichéd planning concepts: "Planning for innovation must be under the dominant idea of planning conception, supplying guiding guidelines for packaging box planning, and giving civilization connotation and style characteristics to the planning works. Let the planning works have more personalized, professional and unusual effects". Sounds, how I always feel is planning the feeling of fireworks, experts how no one has ever talked about the consumer, take care of the consumer psychology? How not to deny the packaging form and thought framework in the past? And what about the "completion of new arrangements" that Master Peter Schumpeter mentioned as a point of view of innovation?

   In the modern society where the level of consumption and product innovation are greatly enriched, in order to obtain more consumers and expand a wider range of markets, those professional marketing organizations or work planners have made various classifications of markets, and then according to these detailed market segments to plan product development and market strategies of product enterprises, so that products can quickly cover a variety of consumer groups, and then reach the influence of the market and Increase the sales of marketing intentions. But the traditional packaging planning is far from these market concepts and marketing ideas, is still planning for the planning of packaging boxes and planning, not for the mall power, marketing power, sales power and consumption resolution plan and planning. This is a common problem in the industry, this is the disease ......

   Today is unfortunate, and inadvertently saw a paper on packaging innovation the conclusion of the thesis said: "As long as the product packaging constantly break the routine, the enterprise's products in the hearts of consumers, the onset of new, common consumer experience, expand product awareness. Product packaging planners should be awake to the important role played by the idea of innovation on packaging planning, as long as the ideas and methods of clarification of the innovation, in order to more effectively coach the planner to make a difference".

   This ..... This is not still a change of soup is not? Is not still results-oriented? The new to the new, is not still a beautiful well. The actual "demand" to plan the innovation, not from their "thought starting point" to discover the logical limits, not from the "consumption site" to discover the consumption habits .... The company's main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the market.

   This article, in fact, only from the product packaging innovation of the malady to trigger a new thought-oriented dimension of consideration, what exactly is innovation? Where is the starting point and the difficulty of innovation? Shenzhen packaging box manufacturers believe that.

   1、Idiosyncratic, must be invented according to the pain points that have not been noticed and not dealt with.
   2、Innovation, overturning the advantages, merits and normal cognition that make people almost paralyzed.
   3, innovation, as long as a strong point of processing (selling point), other benefits are the extension of the original point or premium.
   4, innovation, the results are invented from the audience demand level of the cold (unexpected, think about who went to do it).
   5, innovation, there is no micro-differentiation, the so-called micro-differentiation that is optimization, that is iterative, that is the repair of good.
   6, innovation, is unexpected, the destruction of inherent and arrangement of reorganization, all the elements, materials, tools needed, all in the human international (such as electric lights, iphone).
   7、Idiosyncrasy, different from conception, conception is based on self-idealized masturbation, conception is used on the ground, is the innovation.
   8、Differentiation comes from the sudden enlightenment after continuous trial and error, which is a kind of thought and insight of the broken box.
   9、Differentiation, not only the value of the market, but also the value of humanities.
   10、Innovation, there is nothing new, just not discovered, including the landing of all the necessary useful ...
   11、Innovation, before the birth of very mysterious and profound, after landing just a "Oh ..." Then, the theorists who love theories are simplified and complicated to show their superiority.

   Between the talk, in fact, we are all theorists, but some theorists only look backward, specializing in the study of the now-emerging examples, to their own point of view of reasoning and generalization, constituting a "certain and universal", TA has a characteristic: only talk about things, not people, do not investigate the causes of the back of the work, do not know that success is not imitable.

   Conclusion: The appearance of innovation is to discover the needs that others have not found, to do the permutations that others have not done, and to give us the usefulness that we have not thought of! The back side of the innovation, is the whole view dialectical insight and discovery, is to break the conventional and customary thought skills upgrade, innovation, not self-touch, self-idealization, but according to the social knowledge and practical use of processing solutions ......

   Theft, packaging planning or packaging box manufacturers why can not be a "shopping mall professional + marketing professional + planning professional + process professional" innovative service + production organization? This is actually not the problem of industrial upgrading, but the problem of ideological insight and the courage to dare to be the first...

   The topic of innovation has never been new, talk about the topic of "consumer humanity", how not to talk about our "planners humanity" problem? The main point is not "thinking", but "dimension", is "dimension". How many dimensions have we considered in our creative thinking?

   IQ, to please themselves, emotional intelligence, to please each other! Boxes, is to do to the consumer experience and internal perception, is for the consumer to buy (pay) decision and planning. Innovation, as long as we learn to use the past we and our peers do not know things, in order to invent new value.

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