Packaging box printers “spit” commercial printing pain points

Packaging box printers “spit” commercial printing pain points

  What is this pain point? That is the “negative price” caused by oversupply. In plain words, it is always doing business at a loss, the businessman has no money to earn.

Ningbo packaging box printing commercial printing priority area of the dilemma from the oversupply, because too many printing presses, more than the demand of the mall, so each additional press will lead to the average price of the mall down a little, today’s prices and five years ago compared to the gap is “negative price”: has been equal to a The “price parameter” multiplied by the “number of extra presses”, although there is no hand to find out this price parameter, but the oversupply has silently affected the entire printing industry.

  The number of printing presses increased because of the digitalization of pre-press and printing, so that each press can print near the quality of the print, a printing house simply look forward to the development of the market, the purchase of additional presses to solve the increased work.

  But after the purchase of new machines, the printer’s business continues to grow whether or not, the press will contribute a little “price negative” to the overall industry. If we check the national printing output (always the same or a small increase) and the number of presses (many counterparts have purchased new or used machines), we can know that the negative price growth over the years is not untraceable.

  Packaging printing and commercial printing have gone through the same history of development, digitalization allows us to reduce the difference and cause the same effect of negative prices, only the feeling of e-books, social networks, online shopping, despite the impact of these new things on our days, but no significant impact on the packaging forget.

  To sum up, if the packaging box printing factory has always been in accordance with the current mode of operation, the final comparison is certainly not even the opportunity to return to the capital. Therefore, the most urgent task is to hurry up and change the mode of operation.

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