Packaging box printing out of the color difference how to solve

Packaging box printing out of the color difference how to solve

Printing out (packaging box) error is always plagued by our packaging box printing factory staff, packaging box on whether the color difference can be maintained consistent, whether the color difference can be useful control, which is not only the company’s strength and quality assurance, but also the consideration of our printing staff comprehensive quality. Therefore, the problem of chromatic aberration deserves the high attention of our enterprises and individuals.

On the type of color difference we have been introduced in the previous article, the first two categories, one is the same batch of products with the same color, but with the color of the sample has a color difference. Another type is the same batch of color among the color difference, some and the sample consistent, but some and the sample inconsistent.

Here we comment and analyze from the point of knowledge that the color of the same batch of products is consistent, but there is a color difference with the color of the sample.

1, the human element

This may have nothing to do with the skill level of our printing staff, but with our machine manager management is in place, we are generally able to make the same batch of products to maintain consistent color, based on this alone can prove that our machine manager’s skills are still possible. Since we can do so, there are still mistakes, then it is the problem of responsibility.

2, the color of the paper

We know that the whiteness of the paper is different and the color of the printed boxes will be different. Because of the different whiteness is equal to the addition of different black, red, blue or yellow in the ink, so in the printing, although the amount of ink, hue are not changed, but the practice of ink has a certain transparency, the role of color with the different whiteness of the paper and revealed, the formation of different color differences.

We need to use the same batch of paper in printing, and we need to pay attention to the need to ensure that the grammage, specification, size and production batch date of the same paper, so that it will not be because of a difference in paper and lead to the presentation of the packaging box color chromatic aberration.

3、The glossiness and smoothness of the printing paper

The gloss of the packaging box depends on the gloss and smoothness of the paper. Offset color printing is when the light is incident to the paper surface, the light reflected to the retina of the human eye, after the color-sensitive cells accept the photosynthesis and see the color. When we choose the gloss and smoothness of the paper for printing, we will find that we print out of the box on the picture and color more bright and full.

However, when we use relatively rough paper for printing, because of the rough appearance of the paper, it will form diffuse reflection, which affects the light transmission speed and the quality of the ink adhering to the paper surface, greatly affecting the color of the box.

4, the impact of the printing process

We know that the use of different printing processes will have a different impact on the quality of the printed boxes, our box printing factory after the use of different printing processes to create the role is different. Because some of our processes are physical and some are chemical, the changes presented are also different.

What are the primary physical processes? These processes are: laminating process, embossing process and calendering process; what are the chemical processes? These processes are: varnish, UV by and so on. Therefore, when studying the issue of color difference, the need to take into account the impact of different processes on the packaging box, not only to consider the physical elements but also to consider the chemical impact elements.

5、The density value of paper

When our printed materials just printed out, because the ink can not dry in time, is still in a wet state, the density of the paper before and after this time is not the same. Our paper in the wet when the density value is high, in the dry when the density value is low, this is our paper density value change phenomenon.

Just printed out of the packaging box appearance of uniform color, thickness, the primary reflection method for the mirror reflection; when we will be printed after a period of time, because of the original nature of the paper, waiting for the ink to dry will be affected by the nature of the previous paper, will present a diffuse reflection, the color of the print will be different.

6, the size of the pressure when printing

The size of the printing pressure is an important condition that affects the handling of ink, and there is the appearance of the printing plate, blanket, etc. can not exist very flat, and we can not ensure that the appearance of our paper is very flat or uniform thickness. We know that if our printing pressure is not enough or uneven, will form the thickness of the ink inconsistent, thus presenting a thick and light ink presentation. So we should try to ensure that our printing layout, blanket and printing paper flat, with a thin layer of ink through the role of balanced printing pressure to obtain a more uniform ink color on the printed material.

Sometimes there will be insufficient or uneven printing pressure, lining the body and the printing page there is poor contact phenomenon, we have packaging printers will increase the amount of ink delivery to satisfy the visual effect of the page inking. But this will not only increase the amount of ink consumption, and simple printing color difference and printing sticky phenomenon. We still need to seek a better solution to cure the root cause, here advocate a good “three flat” (ink roller flat, water roller flat, roller flat).

7, see the impact of the sample table light source

Combined with practical life we can know that when you walk into a beautiful light clothing store, you will find that the clothes inside is so bright and shiny, feel every piece is so beautiful, and then you are in contrast to a store with less light you, you will find that is not at all a level. In our printing is also the same, offset printing prints in the investigation of color must have a light source, no light can not see the color, but if the characteristics of the light source is not the same, then the difference in color will be great. We generally require natural light conditions for color viewing.

We also have specific requirements for the light when looking at the sample, otherwise it is difficult to accurately distinguish the color, the print will occur seriously off-color. Other light intensity and illumination of the point of view will also have an impact on the color distinction. Under the same light source, the intensity of the light reflected on the illuminated sample is primarily determined by the interval between the sample and the light source. The nearer the stronger, the farther the weaker. So we usually work in the day or night to pay attention to two points: First, the use of standard light source (wavelength 400-700 or so), the second is to pay attention to the light source strength and illumination of the point of view level. On the high color requirements of the product, the ink color sample of the print sheet should be placed on top of the standard sample for comparison, so that because of the investigation of the parallax is small, the color distinction is relatively accurate. Process practice shows that the characteristics of the light source and the difference in the point of view of the survey will directly affect the accurate differentiation of color.

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