What are the main costs of packaging box printing

What are the main costs of packaging box printing

Packaging box printing from the selection of materials to the final product, the entire process of each link exists in its own actual cost, these costs are listed and summarized is the cost of packaging box printing needs, then the packaging box printing costs in the primary content of what? How is the cost of these elements accounted for? I have summarized this, we can take a look together.
  (1) Design fee. When accounting for design fees, there are single-piece accounting method and multi-piece accounting method. Paper boxes generally choose the single-piece accounting method.

  (2) Pre-press costs include image scanning, plate assembly, film production, proofing and so on. Scanning is charged in terms of the size of the picture information (megabytes); imposition is charged in terms of size (folio, quarto, etc.); proofing is charged in terms of size and number of colors. Customers bring their own CD-ROM or film, etc., should deduct the cost of the corresponding items.

  (3) Information fee. In terms of printing, material costs account for a large proportion of the overall cost of printing, so the precise amount of control of the material is the best way to control the cost of printing. Printing process of the material costs refers to the primary plate fee, substrate material costs, electrochemical aluminum costs, etc., and material costs for the product of the amount of material used and the unit price. So in the collection of data fees must grasp the accounting formula for the amount of data.

  Different printing plate billing method is different, PS version to Zhang as a unit of billing, hot stamping version, flexible version, etc. by area billing.

  (4) printing labor costs ( that is, printing processing costs ). Different types and levels of printing equipment, different printers or printing process, the specification of the printing cost is different, color printing is generally priced according to the color order. When the print volume is small, according to the start-up fee accounting (that is, the starting price).

  (5) post-press processing costs. There are many kinds of post-press processing technology, but the primary accounting method to process the number of pieces or processing area as a unit of accounting; varnishing, lamination, hot stamping, etc. to process the area accounting.

  (6) other costs. Such as packing fees, transportation fees, expediting fees, etc., this part of the cost is generally negotiated by both sides to determine, more flexible.

  (7) taxes, according to the relevant national tax rules should pay taxes.

  In summary: printing costs = design costs + pre-press costs + material costs (including loss) + printing labor costs + post-press processing costs + other costs + taxes, I believe we must also be able to clearly understand this.

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