What are the production processes of packaging box printing

What are the production processes of packaging box printing

Packaging printing industry is now also very rapid development, especially now many shopping malls or enterprises in order to improve the visibility of influence, will be printed on the packaging company logo, decorative mottled graphics and some promotional text, so as to make the product more attractive, but many of us on the printing process of gift printing is not very well understood, so today we will share Some gift packaging box printing has some manufacturing process.

First: manufacturing process – letterpress printing

In fact, the principle of letterpress printing is the same as a stamp, with the text and graphics part raised upward, no graphics part concave, then the raised part of the color directly on the paper, printing, at least 30 kg / cm2 of pressure. Because of the higher pressure during printing, the printed products have solid ink, clear text and lines, and vivid colors. But letterpress printing plate making is more difficult, when the color, the uniformity of the oil ink is also difficult to control. The printing sheet should not be too large, preferably not up over four open, and with the increase in the number of printing, the layout will continue to wear, so that the number of printing is very constrained.

So letterpress printing is suitable for some sets of not much color hangtags, bright film, envelopes, letterheads, labels, invitations, etc.. Then the letterpress planning, what issues need to pay attention to?

(1) There should not be too many sets of colors, generally 3-4 sets of colors is appropriate.

(2) the use of ink and paper performance to enhance the embodiment of the art, such as gold printing, silver stamping, pressure drum. Guangzhou high-grade business card printing 2.2 intaglio printing intaglio printing text and graphics concave under the layout, no text and graphics part is very smooth, and then the concave part filled with ink, no text and graphics part of the ink wipe clean, and then printed on paper. Gravure printing is also divided into two types of engraved intaglio and photographic printing plates. Gravure printing has the advantages of solid ink color, rich layers, strong color embodiment. Mostly used for banknotes, securities, stocks, stamps, high-quality pictorials, etc.. Good printing quality, more prints, fast, is a very good printing method. Third: screen printing manufacturing process

Screen printing, also known as hole-plate printing, hole-plate printing contains transcription plates, openwork flower plates, spray flowers and screen printing. The principle of hole printing is: the printing plate (paper film version or other version of the plate base to create the ink through the eye) in the printing, after a certain pressure to make the ink through the eye of the hole plate transferred to the substrate (paper, ceramics, etc.), constitute an image or text!

Second: the manufacturing process – lithographic printing

About lithography familiar with the people also know also called offset printing, it is a direct printing, from the early lithographic printing developed. Lithographic printing with graphic text part and no graphic text without bumpy curves, are on a flat surface. It is the use of water and oil insoluble principle of the part with pictures attached to a layer of oil film endowed with grease, while no text and pictures of the part to absorb water, forming the effect of ink resistance.

Lithographic printing is not at all constrained in setting the color, a thousand different colors can be CMYK (CYAN blue, MAGNTA magenta, YELLOW yellow, BLACK black) overprinted, general lithographic printing simple plate making, low cost, good quality packaging, packaging box printing are what manufacturing process? Suitable for high-volume printing. Often used in books, magazines, posters and other packaging wine box printing.

More people will pay attention to.

  Modern society, people have to deal with products almost every moment, seeking fashion, experience consumption has become a civilization, it contains human life, food, clothing, use, line, appreciation of all aspects, reflecting the increasingly intense search for high-quality life. When we step into the shopping malls, supermarkets, all kinds of dazzling products, with beautiful shape, bright colors in front of us, in the green color backdrop, seems to be scrambling to dialogue with us, we have no time to examine, carefully enjoy those common shape and exaggerated color of the product, more easily attracted by those with intense color packaging. This is the effect of color, because the color in the modern product packaging has a strong visual sense of holding and embodiment.

  People through a long time of life experience, consciously or unconsciously constituted according to the color to distinguish and sense the ability of the goods. Unattractive colors give people an unattractive visual sense of mind. It will not only enhance the aesthetic pleasure of customers, but also stimulate customers’ discernment and purchase pride, enrich their imagination, and also inculcate customers’ busy minds, so that we really feel the value and power of packaging planning color location.

  As we all know, the human vision by virtue of the effect of light, observe the object object’s initial and color, know the objective existence. If there is no light illumination, the human visual activity will disappear, of course, there is no such thing as color. Different objects have different absorption and reflection of light, thus, different colors occur. Among all objects, black objects can absorb seven kinds of color light, while white objects reflect all seven kinds of color light.

  This article discusses color from the point of view of packaging planning, not on the so-called optics, electromagnetic waves and wavelengths and other physical science comments, but from the theoretical basis of planning color, focusing on the study of color hue, brightness, purity and color psychology and other aspects of the problem. In the ocean of products, packaging planning is constantly changing methods, innovative ways, and portraying personality characteristics, with special attention to the characteristics of color and the use of color. The characteristics of color are not unchanged, and the change between the elements in it gives a rich space for the planning of color contrast and harmonious use.

  In a lot of product packaging planning, none of them is the most convenient, eye-catching and eye-pleasing to attract customers’ attention. The rich colors convey a variety of different flavors, showing different quality styles and decorative charm. Seeking the simplicity of the planning language is what planners are striving for, and they are trying to get rid of the noisy, redundant, colorful and beautiful methods in the planning fad with a more rational common perspective. Active search for the rational and simple color planning. For example, the Japanese planner Takashi Fujita planned the “Japanese gin”, making full use of the characteristics of colorless, through the planning arrangement of gold text on the transparent body container, in the effect of light and shadow, reflecting the planning of the outstanding and extraordinary. The planning is highly concentrated and summarized, which pushes the planning to the extreme, like a splendid pearl among many products, and announces the scorching color. The choice and combination of color in the packaging planning is very important, often the key to determine the merits of packaging planning. Seeking packaging color harmony, refinement, simplicity, in essence, is to prevent the packaging with too much color redundancy. Colorful and beautiful rich may not attract people like, but perhaps give a false image, so that people have a sense of dazzling. Appropriate use of color language, more reflective of the planner’s ability to master the color, maximize the potential of color. Under the influence of littleism, break away from the traditional color due to the characteristics of the bundle, combined with modern packaging planning theory and product characteristics requirements, the choice of colorless gold, silver, black, white, gray printing in Chongqing modified color harmonious color planning of packaging, it is more obvious that the permanent beauty of the product. The special nature of the colorless system, for many products packaging planning supplies a stage to show the charm of the full. Such as Janis Asheby for “South African vodka” packaging planning, on the container shape itself, there is nothing to count, the planner boldly chose the colorful backdrop, revealing a strong sense of metal, graphic center placed white shield open label in the other colorless backdrop, more focused on strengthening the Product information characteristics, the entire product appears serious and elegant, quality superb.

  The use of metallic colors in the planning helps to enhance the effect of light and shadow, and can enrich the space and level of change. Because the gold and silver has a strong reflective ability and sharp features, in different points of view and different light and shadow effects, showing an unusual color effect, the appropriate use will enhance the product’s brilliance, high-grade and mysterious sense. Its keen light and shadow change can reflect the rich, valuable and lively image of the product packaging. The pure refinement and use of colorless can help strengthen product characteristics, help improve the quality and level of products, enhance the product’s sense of the times and personality charm.

  Colorful system has its own obvious features, and colorless system of gold, silver, black, white, gray also has a certain color connotation black, white, gray use of meaning. No colorful in fact in the minds of people have long formed their own complete color nature, and at once for people to bear, is called forever popular color. When examining black, white and gray alone, black signifies silence, silence, implies evil and ominous, and is considered to be a depressing color. The solid evil emotion of white is not sedative, nor is it stimulating. It is generally considered to be a sign of hustle, simplicity and purity. When the right and wrong mixed also occurred when the gray, gray belongs to the neutral, short of independent color characteristics, therefore, gray monotonous and bland is not like a non-emphasis on light and dark, however, gray if containing evil color tendencies, will give a kind of wandering, soft, high-grade, exquisite feeling, intriguing. Of course, in many of the packaging planning without colorful as the main body, often embellished with some higher purity of color. Their appearance on the one hand with no colorful

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