Notes on the design of packaging box printing

Notes on the design of packaging box printing

Packaging planning in box printing is a professional planning discipline that integrates the scientific, social, artistic and mental elements for the purpose of product maintenance, use and promotion. Its content mainly includes container modeling planning, structural planning, decoration planning, etc.

A. Commonly used packaging box printing materials

A. White paper — general white paper, copy paper, crepe paper, etc.

B. Bubble paper / Poly velvet / sponge / pearl cotton

C. Paper box — white box, brown box, color box, etc.

D. Plastic bags — PP, PE, OPP, PVC, PVA, shrink film (PE, PP), etc.

E. Other types of packaging

Second, the common way of packaging box information

  1. Plastic bag: U.S. lines generally require heat sealing, raw materials for high-pressure PE material; unless the customer has specified requirements, PP material is not allowed.
  2. General brown corrugated box: commonly used for 3-layer corrugated box and 5-layer corrugated box, after the product is packaged, generally to be sealed with tape.
  3. Display box: there are more varieties, mainly colorful display boxes, display boxes with PVC lids, etc. After the packaging can visually see the products in the box.
  4. PVC box or PVC barrel.
  5. Shrink film; also called heat shrink film, small toys, candles and other products with such packaging more.
  6. Egg partition box.
  7. Gift box; mostly used for jewelry, stationery and other products packaging, more varieties.
  8. Other.

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