Some of the uses of packaging box printing in various industries in Shenzhen function

Some of the uses of packaging box printing in various industries in Shenzhen function

The box has many functions: it must be able to protect the contents of the package, to promote the packaged product and to convey certain information to the customer.

The audience can identify the manufacturer of the product through the box printing, and it should provide appropriate trademark protection. Box printing should provide ease of use and be closely related to the promotion of the product. Packaging that is easy to carry and use obviously promotes sales. When we generally buy single-serving boxes of cereal and aerosol cans of insecticide, we are not always thinking in terms of economics, but more in terms of ease of use. Packaging that does not provide good protection for the contents of the box is entirely likely to result in the loss of the box printing product, while packaging that does not promote product promotion may cause the box product to eventually be squeezed out of the market.
Box printing has become a fundamental part of modern life. Through its protection of products against damage and harm, it reduces costs and waste. It promotes public health by reducing the spread of disease in food distribution. Box printing must inform consumers of exactly what the product inside the package is. However, modern food packaging needs to convey more information than ever before, not just an introduction to the contents of the package, but information through pictures and printing that enables the consumer to derive some benefit from the use of the product, the production or distribution of the product, the colors and patterns of the box printing, the way the information is combined, and the special considerations for the use of the product. If the packaged product is a food product, the package printing also tells the customer the ingredients of the packaged food, the quantity of the food, the shelf life of the food, information about the nutritional content and how to use it.

Packaging box printing is not just a way to identify the packaged product and the company that manufactures the product, but also a visual image that stimulates the customer to complete the action of purchasing the product. Box printing is an important part of the cost that packaging manufacturers are willing to bear, and as long as the packaging really plays its functional role, the cost of box printing is completely worth it. The appeal of ordinary packaging lies more in the economic aspects of its packaging, but in the food industry, box printing is very important for consumers to make a purchase decision

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