What are the raw materials for packaging box printing

What are the raw materials for packaging box printing

Packaging printing industry is now also very agile, especially now many shopping malls or enterprises in order to enhance the visibility of influence, will be printed on the packaging company logo, decorative mottled graphics and some promotional text, so as to make the product more attractive, but many of us on the gift printing printing process is not very well understood, so today we share Some gift packaging box printing has some manufacturing process.

First: manufacturing process – letterpress printing

In fact, the principle of letterpress printing is the same as stamping, the part with text and pictures is raised upwards, and the part without pictures is recessed, then the raised part is colored and printed directly on the paper, when printing, at least 30 kg / cm2 of pressure is required. Because of the higher pressure during printing, the printing products are solid ink, clear text and lines, and vivid colors. But letterpress printing plate making is difficult, when the color, the uniformity of the oil ink is also difficult to control. The printing sheet should not be too large, preferably not up over four open, and with the increase in the number of printing, the layout will continue to wear, so that the number of printing is very constrained.

So letterpress printing is suitable for a number of sets of not much color hangtags, bright film, envelopes, letterheads, labels, invitations, etc.. So letterpress design, what issues need attention?

(1) There should not be too many sets of colors, generally 3-4 sets of colors is appropriate.

(2) Use the performance of ink and paper to enhance the expressive power of the art, such as printing gold, silver stamping, pressure drum. Guangzhou advanced handprinting 2.2 intaglio printing intaglio printing text and graphics concave under the layout, no text and graphics part is very smooth, and then the concave part filled with ink, no text and graphics part of the ink wipe clean, and then printed on paper. Gravure printing is also divided into two types of engraved intaglio and photographic printing plates. Gravure printing has the advantages of solid ink color, rich layers, strong color expression. Mostly used for banknotes, securities, stocks, stamps, high-quality pictorials, etc.. Good printing quality, more prints, fast, is a very good printing method. Third: screen printing manufacturing process

Screen printing, also known as hole-plate printing, hole-plate printing including transcription plates, openwork flower plates, spray flowers and screen printing. The principle of hole printing is: the printing plate (paper film version or other versions of the plate base to create the ink through the eye) in the printing, after a certain amount of pressure to make the ink through the eye of the hole plate transferred to the substrate (paper, ceramics, etc.) on the composition of the image or text!

Second: the manufacturing process – lithographic printing

On the lithographic understanding of people also know also called offset printing, it is a direct printing, from the pre-lithographic printing developed. Lithographic printing with graphic text part and no graphic text without bumpy curves, are on a flat surface. It is the use of water and oil insoluble principle of the part with pictures attached to a layer of oil film endowed with grease, while no text and pictures of the part to absorb water, forming the effect of ink resistance.

Lithographic printing is not at all constrained in setting color, a thousand different colors can be CMYK (CYAN blue, MAGNTA magenta, YELLOW yellow, BLACK black) overprinted, general lithographic printing simple plate making, low cost, good quality packaging, packaging box printing raw materials which are suitable for large quantities of printing. Commonly used in books, magazines, posters and other packaging wine box printing.

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