Packaging science and technology analysis of future sustainable trends in packaging design

Packaging science and technology analysis of future sustainable trends in packaging design

According to the American psychologist Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the modern high-speed prosperous packaging science and technology to analyze and discuss the sustainable development trend of China’s future packaging planning.

1) Green packaging planning suitable for environmental protection

The 21st century is the century of environmental protection, and modern packaging planning will continue to continue the concept of green packaging planning in the 1980s and 1990s for a long period of time. The rapid development of the economy has accelerated the destruction of the natural ecological environment; the progress of people’s living standards, a variety of packaging solid waste followed by the increase in demand for products and increased. According to statistics in 1998, China produced a total of 18.13 million t of packaging products, 70% of the packaging products were discarded after use, was discarded packaging solid waste on the intensification of the pollution of the environment. The environmental problems brought about by packaging are becoming more and more prominent, people are committed to the study of new packaging materials and environmentally friendly planning methods to reduce the environmental problems brought about by packaging solid waste. In the transformation of packaging materials, such as: for insulation, shock, impact and perishable pulp molding packaging materials; plant shells synthetic resin mixture made of easy to divide the material; natural starch packaging materials; active degradation of packaging materials; in the planning efforts to reduce the late not easy to divide the material used in packaging, try to use light weight, small volume, easy to crush or flatten, easy to part with the material; as much as possible Choose not to be subject to biological and chemical effects on the easy degradation of the material, in order to ensure the protection of packaging, transportation, storage and sales functions, try to reduce the total amount of information used.

2) Packaging planning suitable for outstanding product characterization

Characterized packaging planning is a planning approach that involves a wide range and has a large impact, mainly for supermarkets, warehouse-type sales and other different planning approaches chosen due to different sales environments and places. Whether it is the image of the enterprise, the product itself or the social role have great relevance and influence. The image of the packaging portrayal and embodiment to the natural and vivid humane, organic modeling development, give the packaging characteristics of quality, unique style to attract consumers, planning must be systemic consideration, the actual situation for different analysis, taking into account various factors. Such as the use of wine barrel shape of “wine barrel wine” packaging planning, the use of local folk opera face of the god of the door shape of “safety wine” packaging planning, the use of smiling mouth Maitreya Buddha shape of “open mouth smile wine “Packaging planning …… and other bionic characteristics of the shape of packaging planning, its unique concept, obvious characteristics, outstanding, visual effect are very intense. Such product packaging in the dazzling shelves will be very simple to arouse the hobby of consumers and be endured by consumers.

3) Packaging planning of modern products suitable for e-commerce sales

The network as a carrier of information transmission has penetrated into every nook and cranny of the world, and the organization of demand and distribution is no longer divided into countries, shopping malls, capital and trade, but will be completed through the network, in accordance with the network order to activities. As early as 2001, Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications studied the network skills to deliver flower fragrance skills, although now limited to apples and other limited fragrance, but it has changed the previous network delivery is limited to the delivery of pictures and sound, only visual and auditory delivery skills, and now added the smell delivery skills, the use of these skills will enhance the network sales of products with scent, such as cosmetics, perfume, etc., the picture, sound and taste of the three The combination of picture, sound and taste will definitely have an impact on the e-commerce sales industry. Many traditional enterprises are facing the challenge that network skills have completely changed the consumer behavior and consumption patterns of customers, and the promotional function of packaging and decoration will be diluted and lose its dazzling aura in the past. As society enters the era of e-commerce, new demands are made on the function of packaging, and new problems are encountered in the packaging planning of products. 4) Security and anti-counterfeiting packaging planning With the rapid prosperity of modern technology, the general anti-counterfeiting skills of packaging planning are no longer effective for counterfeiters. Study of the Far East packaging planning and skills of experts Kristin Rommel pointed out that our mainland in packaging planning in the imitation of copying has become the actual operation of many small enterprises adopted in the strategy. For example, the Wuliangye distillery’s Jin Liufu wine was copied as “Jin Dafu” by a small factory, which directly used a high-precision scanner to obtain the packaging plan of Jin Liufu wine packaging, and then processed it through Photoshop and other graphic software. They use a high-precision scanner to obtain the packaging plan of Jin Liu Fu wine packaging, and then process it through Photoshop and other graphic software, changing “six” to “big” and insisting that the overall effect remains unchanged, so that consumers are not easily aware of the changes made at first glance, so as to pass off the good as the bad and the fake as the real! Obviously anti-counterfeiting has become a big problem in China’s modern packaging products industry. Strengthening the visual effect of packaging planning and strengthening the skills of the packaging printing industry has become a powerful weapon in the fight against counterfeiting and rights. We are able to use special patterns of paper, specific pigments and packaging planning process skills such as holograms, authentic check seals, shallow relief embossing, etc. in packaging planning to obtain specific effects, so that those counterfeit products are at the mercy of God due to excessive imitation costs or the role is not evocative. Therefore, the innovative approach to packaging planning and the integration of high-tech achievements in the printing industry skills to join forces to seek incisive and unique originality and unique visual effect is another direction for the sustainable development of the future packaging planning industry.

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