The basic function of color in packaging color matching

The basic function of color in packaging color matching

The function of the color of the packaging is reflected in two aspects: one is the recognition function; the second is the promotion function.

1, the recognition function of color blending

Colorful international color because of the differences in hue, brightness, purity, and then the formation of their own characteristics, the use of these characteristics in the packaging helps consumers to buy products from a wide range of products to identify different brands. In psychology, the attention of consumers is divided into two kinds of intentional and unintentional attention, when people start to contact a product, most of them are unconscious, that is, unintentional attention, but when consumers buy a product again, they will pay attention to the packaging consciously, especially to the earliest touch of visual color intentional attention. Therefore, the proper use of product packaging color, Beijing packaging company will deepen the attention of consumers, and then trigger the purchase behavior.

In the process of implementing the color scheme of packaging, the use of corporate standard colors is the most intense moment, a planner once said: “A good brand packaging is far more useful than a salesman, it is a flag to identify the product, is a symbol of the value of the product.” The implementation of the color scheme of the brand identification system helps consumers to quickly identify which company and which brand the product belongs to. Such as the two major international brands of Coke drinks: “Coca-Cola” packaging selected red as the main tone; “Pepsico” packaging selected blue as the main tone, both use the extreme obvious color to show their brand identity, enhance the The visual infection effect of the packaging.

2, the color of the promotional function

Good product packaging color will be extraordinarily visible, because the color is a factor that acts directly on the human visual nerve. When people are faced with a large number of products, can instantly leave the visual image of the consumer’s product, must have obvious characteristics of the color of the packaging. Excellent product packaging color can not only beautify the product, grab the consumer’s vision, gift packaging boxes so that people in the process of buying products have outstanding aesthetic enjoyment, but also play a role in the promotion of the product, so that people inadvertently notice its brand. Therefore, enterprises in the product packaging planning, should be aware of the importance of color, as planners, try to plan to fit the characteristics of the product, can quickly attract the attention of consumers color, in order to improve the competitiveness of enterprise products in the sale.

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