Packaging design, this “little thing”

Packaging design, this “little thing”

      If you are a planning specialist in a food company and the company recently launched a new product, you were told to plan the product packaging and then given the product ingredient list. What would you do next? The general process is to determine the name of the product, think of a product slogan, and then find a packaging planning company planning, the next is a round of rounds of change, planning director after review to make a point of opinion, the brand director after review to make a point of opinion, and finally to the marketing director to make a point of opinion, you finally found that from the planning director to the marketing director's opinion is not consistent. You as a small commissioner, of course, there is no way to resolve the plan how to amend, and then you dare not go back to the leadership to ask, and finally you can only write the three leaders' views into a work order to the advertising agency, informing the advertising agency people "to change", in the first night of printing, you finally finalized we feel all The first night of printing, you finally finalized the plan that we feel "satisfied".

Many companies’ marketing department staff feel that packaging is a small thing or perhaps not a particularly big job, but Huayu packaging planning company informs you that brand packaging is the biggest job of the enterprise.

First, the packaging is not a work of art, but a treatment plan

Many company planners to “good or not beautiful” for the packaging of the discriminatory norms, think that beautiful packaging will move consumers, and then let consumers pay for your aesthetic level. Of course, Huayu packaging planning company does not deny the importance of packaging “beautiful”, an ugly package and a beautiful package, most people will choose the beauty of the packaging.

The difference between packaging planning and artwork is that packaging is a corporate processing plan, while artwork is the expression of emotions and values.

Artwork attaches importance to personal emotional mood and expression, pay attention to the outstanding performance techniques skills, while the essence of packaging planning is to deal with the enterprise’s problems.

The essence of art is to cause people to consider about life / society / the future / technology and other issues, the essence of packaging planning is to eliminate people’s consideration, to help people make a choice.

If we take “good or bad” as a criterion, Brain Platinum is not a “qualified” packaging plan, because it is not beautiful. If you look at whether or not it deals with the problem, Brain Power can get 100 points.

In the same category of shelves, you can let consumers choose you and not other similar products, the intention of your packaging planning has arrived.

Second, no strategy not packaging, no brand not packaging, no marketing not packaging

According to many years of brand marketing consulting experience, Fuyu Packaging Planning Company summed up a common brand packaging system, from the strategy, brand and product marketing three aspects of the packaging from the beginning to interpret the strategy, brand, marketing and packaging integration, making it more effective, grounded.

Strategic positioning and packaging planning

      When it comes to strategy, many people feel "false", because many companies will ignore the importance of strategic planning, so it is difficult to have strategic thinking. Many business executives mistake the policy for strategy, so you will often see that our corporate strategy in 2017 is to reach XX billion in turnover and XX% market share. This is the corporate policy, not strategy, strategy is the way to reach the corporate policy and approach.

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