Packaging design creativity and observation, imagination, inspiration, performance

Packaging design creativity and observation, imagination, inspiration, performance

Packaging planning conception and inquiry

The training of planning talent is, first of all, the training of inquiry power. Inquiry is the basis and condition of analysis, research, dream, judgment and creation. A planner must have a keen inquiring power and consideration talent, as long as this talent for planning conception and planning creation. Many successful planning, at first is because the planner inquiry power keen, long to find out the problem, only to have a new planning revelation.

Packaging planning ideas and dreams

Dreams are the wings of ideas. As Einstein said, dreaming is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited, but dreaming summarizes the whole world, advances, and is the source of knowledge evolution. Dreaming is the higher cognitive talent of human beings, and all creative behaviors are inseparable from dreaming. Dreaming means transforming the normality of things presented in our mind, changing the proper connection, focus, choice and combination, thus, it becomes the basis for creating creativity.

Packaging planning conception and conception

Conceptualization is the unconscious and sudden creativity in the process of conceptualization, which is a creative and sudden state of thinking that occurs instantly. Sometimes we think hard for a long time but there is no good planning idea, but suddenly a moment of open-mindedness, a good idea will appear in front of us, we call it conception.

Packaging planning ideas and performance

Performance is the way people communicate their ideas and state of mind to others through words, paintings, sounds, smells, etc. The final effect of packaging planning conception is to choose an appropriate way of expression to fully display the relevant information of the product with the best visual language. The process of packaging planning and conceptualization is to choose the appropriate performance point, performance angle, performance method and performance media to convey the product information in the best performance way.

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