What software is commonly used for packaging design

What software is commonly used for packaging design

   Many friends on the product packaging planning in the end with which software has been very poorly understood, these lines of common sense if not a professional planner is difficult to make a detailed answer, the following will give you a comprehensive introduction to the product packaging planning involves some software.

   A, coreldraw --- commonly used graphic planning software
   This is very widely used in the graphic planning, corel company produced a can be used for layout, planning software; use the software can use vector drawing things, enhance the entire layout planning visual graphics, the successful realization of the useful combination of planning and power. On the planning of bar codes and other graphics, also has a strong planning role.

   Second, Photoshop --- the irreplaceable graphics processing software
   Photoshop has a strong graphics, color, pattern processing capabilities, many other software and planning are in Photoshop to create a revised picture, and then imported into other software to do further planning and processing, other software have similar functions of similar software can replace, but so far there is no function strong enough to perfectly replace the Photoshop graphics The software can be replaced by other software with similar functions.

   Three, Adobe Illustrator?
   In the book, graphics processing has strong precision and control, graphics transformation can be transformed into modifiable vector graphics, so that planners are comfortable in the process of using. Color sampling is very accurate, which gives the whole planning, the customer about the high requirements of the color difference, can be easily satisfied.

   Fourth, AutoCAD - two-dimensional, three-dimensional processing capabilities outstanding
   Diversified processing ability to a certain extent, can realize the graphic line conditioning ability, the final three-dimensional visual sensory effect.

   The above software is the most widely used packaging planning top of the market, but also some of the most useful software, with these software, coupled with a conceptual mind, sensitive operating skills can be planned out of the colorful product packaging planning.

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