Packaging design conception and performance needs to be unique

Packaging design conception and performance needs to be unique

  Planners plan product packaging to face the judgment of customers and similar products competition, planning a unique form of packaging, can cause customer good feeling, but also can make the product and competition rival distance.

  The competition in the product market is becoming more and more intense, and each new product is facing the challenge of similar products. Although the substantive elements of the product such as quality A good or bad is the key to the competition, but non-substantial elements such as product packaging, advertising, price, etc. must be weighed. These are the main techniques to expand the gap between similar products. As a promotional technique of packaging, without the form of characteristics is the lack of competitiveness. In this era of characteristics, curiosity is one of the reasons why customers are excited to buy, and novel products can always attract customers. The following two aspects of the packaging can show the distinctive – style:

  1. three-dimensional modeling – common packaging modeling will give people a fierce visual charm. An excellent packaging planner should have the ability to bin to packaging three-dimensional modeling unique. What the planner has to do is to create a common packaging shape without violating the constraints of a variety of conditions.

  2. trademark and title – unique packaging shape will bring good market effect. However, we often find that when a new packaging shape appears, one company can have this common shape alone. Inevitably, it is copied. This is because the packaging structure manufacturer faces all the companies that produce the product. In order to create a difference in the packaging, packaging planners have to work on the plane of the cause, of which the logo and title is the key, in order to make the product packaging on the shelf to attract people’s vision and have competition with similar products, planning unique packaging is the ability of planners should have.

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