Packaging design is a category way of brand communication

Packaging design is a category way of brand communication

  Packaging planning is a category method of brand communication, packaging planning should have the common image characteristics of the brand. The layout style of the package reverse planning must be able to cedar the unified picture characteristics of the piece of packaging planning and the overall planning style, and can show its common personality characteristics. Common personality characteristics, can mobilize consumer attention and awareness, enhance the brand’s promotional efforts.

  The use of product packaging graphics, colors and text should be based on the classification and positioning of the product, such as the difference between male products and female products. Men’s products packaging style, in the use of color to low brightness, low purity reflects the majority of graphics block hard, text commonly used in black, variety of fonts.

  Women’s products packaging is bright and vivid colors, more soft lines graphics, text options such as fine black, Song, fine round, etc.. Different industry categories packaging style embodiment also varies, such as technology product packaging, its picture style is calm and simple, and corporate visual image VIS unified; food product packaging, its style is active, bright colors, text graphics heavy decorative sense.

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