Packaging design and consumer psychology

Packaging design and consumer psychology

In the era of rapid consumption, packaging planning is more than mere packaging planning, it is also closely related to the needs of consumers’ minds. As a planner, you need to accurately grasp the rules of packaging planning and consumer mind in order to promote the audience’s purchase action. A better understanding of the impact of packaging planning on the minds of consumers to purchase, so that packaging planning in the market competition to better carry forward the concept of people-oriented.

Packaging planning has an important impact on the consumer’s mind, and in the contemporary product economy, packaging planning has become an important part of the product. It directly affects people’s desire to buy, has a strong promotional power, the psychological elements of packaging planning.

Enhance the audience’s image of the packaging

To attract people’s attention is the primary element to enhance the role of packaging, but also to enhance the audience’s image of the packaging is one of the important elements. Attention is a feature of the mental activity process of the human point of view, is the point of view of the human point of view of things and the convergence. The phenomenon of attention is not an independent mental process, but a feature that people will show when they perceive, recall or think.

From a psychological point of view, a package planning to make the audience pay attention and can understand, comprehend, constitute a fixed memory, these and the human eye, ear sense organs of the package in the text, color, graphics and other conditions of the novel characteristics of the inseparable. The most important of these is the color element, the mental function of color is because of the physiological function of the brain and constituted.

In people’s visual cognitive activities, not passively accept the impact of objective influences, but in the objective influences and the interaction of the human one-sided internal mental elements. Packaging planning of text, graphics, color and shape shape, for consumers, are an element to trigger the influence, and these influences have a certain novel image characteristics will be able to attract the attention of consumers, increase the audience’s image of the package, and its image has a certain continuity.

Arouse the audience’s emotional mind

Planners of packaging to do eye-catching, exaggerated is not too difficult, but to really do unusual, but also can reflect the civilization of the product and the product’s own characteristics, is very important in the planning process. In the packaging planning elements, color is undoubtedly the most can cause the audience’s emotions. The color used in packaging planning will cause consumers to associate, induce a variety of emotions, so that the purchase of the mind constantly change. But the use of color in packaging planning to arouse human emotions should also follow the rules of color, to prevent color misuse. For example, in the food packaging, do not use or use less blue, green, more orange, orange. So that the onset of association and then cause the customer’s appetite to promote the purchase of the move.

In our real life, consumers buy supplements, most of them will be satisfied with a large area of warm colors of the product packaging. And cleaning supplies are interested in cold color packaging. This is both a product one-sided elements and the role of the consumer’s emotional mind. Successful product packaging planning can not only cause consumer emotions and associations, and should also make consumers “unforgettable”. Psychology believes that memory is the reproduction of what people have experienced in the past. Recall is an important part of the process of mental point of view, the need to accurately grasp the rules of packaging planning and consumer emotional mind, and then improve the role of packaging planning to promote the onset of consumer action to buy products. The following are the effects of packaging on the consumer mind.

Cause consumption motivation

When people enter the supermarkets or shopping malls, the first thing that comes into view is the beauty of the product, which by virtue of the beautiful coat, exquisite decoration and to please people, so that people consciously and unconsciously close to it, appreciate it, and finally to have it. The most direct intention of packaging planning is to stimulate consumers to purchase. The first thing to think about when drawing up a product packaging plan should be this goal. Secondly, even if consumers are not prepared to buy such products, they should also promote the product brand, packaging and trademark and product manufacturers onset of a good image.

Consumers choose to spend money to buy something move is in some kind of motivation to promote, people’s actions are generally by a certain one-sided internal reasons that motivation to allocate, and motivation and needs are closely related, motivation is the embodiment of the needs under certain conditions, is the transformation of human needs. Motivation is transformed from needs, but not all human needs can be transformed into motivation to push people to act.

Packaging to meet the audience’s needs

Consumers buy products, product packaging can not only satisfy the audience’s material needs, but also satisfy social and energetic needs. For example, packaging is ubiquitous in clothing, food, housing and transportation, packaging planning is to promote the desire to purchase the characters and satisfy the material needs of the audience; various books, magazines packaging allows the audience to satisfy the energetic needs together with the satisfaction of the visual needs. The consumer’s purchasing behavior is sometimes assigned by a motive, and sometimes by a variety of motives in a variety of chaotic distribution. These motives are often intertwined to form a system of purchasing behavior. The motivation of satisfying energy and social needs often accompanies the motivation of satisfying physical and material needs. The use of consumer mindset in packaging.

Convenience and usefulness mindset

The consumer’s mind is the biggest shopping mall of marketing, people’s consumer mindset of diversity and different choices of product packaging must have a variety of emotional appeal to attract specific consumer groups to the expected purchase behavior. Shoppers are seeking convenience. For example, open or window packaging food can be convenient to choose, combined packaging gift boxes can be convenient to use, soft drinks can be convenient to carry, etc.. The convenience of the packaging and ease of use adds to the attractiveness of the product, seeking convenience is a widespread consumer mindset.

Consumers to seek the product “useful” and “affordable” and other practical use of value as the main intention, consumers pay attention to the purchase of products and the effectiveness of the product, affordable, durable, inexpensive, well-deserved. Consumer behavior is more stable, not easily affected by external factors, such packaging planning to clearly indicate the product’s trademark, ingredients, measurement, price, application instructions, so that consumers know at a glance. Those “way more than the content” of excessive packaging products, even if they can attract the occasional purchase is difficult to win the loyalty of consumers, the lack of long-term development momentum.

Novelty and beautiful mind

Consumers to seek product packaging novelty, fashion as the main intention of a mindset. Consumers of this mindset are mostly young people, they are endowed with twilight, love to catch up with the trend, easy to be influenced by external factors, when buying products, pay attention to the product decoration, color, style, pay less attention to whether the product is useful and high price, often attracted by the fashion and novelty of product packaging, the onset of purchase motivation.

In the beverage packaging generally choose green and blue cold colors, while the United States Coca-Cola packaging lost the customary choice of red color, with the color of exciting psychological characteristics to attract the attention of consumers, consumers feel the novelty of Coca-Cola, the impact, unforgettable, so that Coca-Cola hot sales around the world. Exquisite and beautiful packaging can stimulate consumers’ high-level social needs, and the artistic charm of the packaging is a kind of beauty for the buyers to enjoy. In ancient times, there is a story of buying a casket and returning it to the pearl, which is enough to see the aesthetic value of packaging. The exquisite packaging is the driving force to promote potential consumers to become visible consumers, to become durable, habitual consumers.

The primary function of packaging planning is to market the product, followed by beautifying the product and conveying information. However, for modern consumption, the latter two functions are now increasingly showing their importance. With the continuous progress of people’s living standards, people are no longer only satisfied with the subsistence life, but more and more picky about products. Then, to allow consumers in the process of shopping, to purchase to the satisfaction of the satisfaction of the product, in addition to good packaging planning to deal with the planning of the underlying principles, but also focus on the study of consumer mental activities, in order to be able to similar products in the eyes of consumers stand out.

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