Packaging shape design should follow the principles

Packaging shape design should follow the principles

Excellent packaging shape planning should comply with the following guidelines.

(1) Combine with the characteristics of the product itself and make full use of the formal beauty laws of the product shape elements.

(2) Get used to the needs of the market, accurate market positioning, and invent brand identity.

(3) to “light, thin, short, small” as the root of excessive packaging, exaggerated packaging and useless.

(4)Draw creativity from the natural and use the simulation method to plan and innovate the shape of the packaging.

(5) fully consider the environment and ergonomic elements.

(6) Active use of new technologies and materials for modern packaging shape planning.

(7) vigorously develop the series of packaging shape planning.

However, in order to truly reach the green packaging specifications, just rely on the above points is not perfect, but also need green packaging skills as a remedy. The skill elements mentioned here include the equipment, process, energy and selected skills in packaging planning. And the so-called green skills, is to reduce pollution, reduce consumption, management of pollution or improve the ecological skills system.

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