Why should the package open the window, to attract you

Why should the package open the window, to attract you

The first open window carton is who made this is I do not know, why open the window, is to let consumers directly see their products. Baidu gave me the explanation is to open a window in the packaging partial, closed with cellophane or transparent film, so that the best part of the goods show.
Those products will use open window it, I think the following products have the need to open a window: 1.

  1. Food packaging boxes, the so-called “wine is not afraid of the alley deep”, but now there are too many products, we all use the same spices. How to stand out? Open to others to see, not realistic, open the bag that the product open no one wants. Through a transparent film to the customer to see the food inside, for food, you take a look at the whole picture, open window food packaging than not open the window of the food box sales is a big difference.
  2. toy packaging boxes, when you walk in the supermarket, see a wide range of goods, have you ever paid attention to the toy packaging? Many toys packaging are open windows, why? I believe that we all know very well, children see the box inside the fighter simply do not have the ability to control. A toy model, if you want to rely on the toy carton printed in color to attract people, it is too LOW. Children prefer lifelike toys. As a toy manufacturer are you still using closed packaging?
    In fact, there are some do not want to open the window to others to see the product, such as health care packaging boxes, in fact, it seems, a large cardboard box, open a large EVA inner tray, a small product. Let how many people regret that they should not buy.

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