RTM molding on the outer surface of the box

RTM molding on the outer surface of the box

  Traditional resin transfer molding (RTM) is a process of injecting resin into a sealed mold to moisten and cure the reinforcing material. The improved RTM process uses vacuum to assist in molding, which has the advantages of extremely small tolerances, excellent appearance, low vacancy rate, short production cycle, strong adaptability to automation of the production process, low investment, high efficiency, and high fiber volume content of the part. Compared with other processes, vacuum-assisted needle forming has the following advantages:

  (1) Low mold cost, the mold does not have to accept large injection pressure, nor does it have to be forming pressure.

  (2) The resin under vacuum pressure will completely penetrate and moisten the material. It avoids the occurrence of white spots and air holes.

  (3) The molded product has high fiber content, high function and low vacancy rate.

  (4) As a closed-mold molding process, vacuum-assisted shot molding limits the evaporation of cross-linking agent during the cycle of resin curing, which is virtually pollution-free to the environment.
  The outer appearance of the packaging box requires beautiful appearance, the inner appearance requires precise scale, high 9 degree requirements, many types, small and medium-sized batch one, suitable for RTM shot molding.

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