Packaging industry met is an environmental problem when the rebirth or a disaster

Packaging industry met is an environmental problem when the rebirth or a disaster

Packaging and modern life are closely related, modern social life is inseparable from packaging, the development of packaging has also profoundly changed and influenced people’s modern social life. With the development of a variety of packaging plants have sprung up like a mushroom.

Contemporary shopping mall economy. Product competition has bred product brand and enterprise civilization, the formation of product brand name is the material change and the actual embodiment of the enterprise’s overall essence and competitiveness, the enterprise through packaging and marketing operations to depict and spread the corporate image. Promote and promote the economic strength of enterprises’ and civilization connotation of complementary, mutual role of penetration and connotation integration, to develop and cultivate their own product brand name, and brand-name products will often be in the market competition to obtain multiple extraordinary general economic benefits.

Product packaging is the most direct and vivid reflection of corporate image A packaging image contains the corporate logo, trademark, standard font, standard color and other elements of corporate image. Modern enterprises pay more and more attention to the packaging image of the product, because the creation and recognition of the brand name, the primary through the establishment of the product packaging image and recognition; packaging products through a large number of repeated display and consumption, its product image directly and effectively printed in the minds of consumers. All scientific and reasonable packaging, can be general, prominent, convergence, in-depth reflection of the quality of the product connotation, show the substantive image of the enterprise. This concept is widely recognized by the business community, therefore, packaging has become the most basic and most important method for enterprises to establish their image and invent their brand names.

Resource consumption and environmental protection are two hot issues in global ecology, and packaging is closely related to them, and has become one of the focal points of these two issues. The packaging industry consumes a lot of natural resources, and the packaging industry is polluting the environment with toxic waste, and the huge amount of packaging waste has become an important source of pollution to the environment, all of which are contributing to the vicious ecological cycle in nature. But still serious.

To sum up, human beings in the product packaging together. Should pay more attention to the protection of the ecological environment, from the early purely to deal with the most basic functional needs of human off, to the requirements of all aspects of human livelihood environmental conditions, and ultimately make the product packaging and the product itself, and people and the environment to establish a symbiotic and harmonious relationship. Therefore, the packaging industry should strive for low consumption and high efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction, so that the product gets reasonable packaging and deal with the recycling and proper treatment of waste packaging.

In terms of food packaging, a first to deal with the product and packaging reasonable positioning issues, to avoid the packaging of the surface in vain, giving priority to the use of high-tech packaging technology and high-performance packaging materials ‘in the premise of ensuring the use of the product value. Try to reduce the packaging materials and advance the rate of repeated use, reduce the general packaging costs; secondly, we should vigorously develop green packaging, ecological packaging, packaging waste recycling and processing issues.

China as a friend of the development of towel countries, should avoid taking developed countries first pollution and then management of the journey, under the conditions of socialist market economy. Packaging work should pay great attention to environmental protection and ecological balance issues. Give priority to the development of easy to ten recycling, capital consumption, less energy-consuming packaging materials; development of controlled biodegradation, photodegradation and water-soluble packaging materials, and the introduction of new packaging materials, together with the simultaneous launch of its recycling technology, packaging damage to the ecological environment to a minimum.

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