Packaging shape design should follow the principles

Packaging shape design should follow the principles

Now, in order to echo the national recommendations of clean government and conservation, we use practice to support the past Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon cake to change the previous honored road to the simple packaging to meet us through a real holiday. On the food work to refuse excessive packaging, refuse excessive waste phenomenon. The use of recycled materials or sustainable forest products to produce the call is also growing, in addition to the work of people, the public calls for environmental protection, low-carbon packaging movement is also increasingly high. So the carton packaging has become the first choice of the public. The reason for this phenomenon, food packaging bag manufacturers feel that in addition to the advancement of people’s cognitive level, but also with the “over-packaging” posed by the impact of a certain connection.

Product over-packaging has become a major social evil, it not only brings economic losses to society, but also brings some social problems.

Over-packaging not only constitutes a huge amount of daily waste, but also promotes the wind of commercial fraud, harming the interests of customers.

Materials show that some luxury products packaging costs have accounted for 70% of the total price of the product, more shady businessmen take advantage of the opportunity to take advantage of the sale of other products, the customer to a high value to buy general or even inferior products.

In addition, excessive packaging also induces social luxury habits, hidden festering behavior, aggravating social disharmony. Overpriced moon cakes, overpriced foreign wine, overpriced health products, etc., induce the wind of social luxury; over-packaged holiday gifts are used by some people as a “shame cloth”, with valuable securities, gifts and even money, open the way to bribery.

Excessive packaging affects not only our daily life, but also in the waste of our limited human power. Reject excessive packaging, the initiative of environmental protection, low-carbon packaging will be the general trend. Food packaging is an essential process before the circulation of food market, food packaging bag manufacturers found that the impact of food packaging can be low-carbon elements, but the primary packaging materials and packaging planning two major factors.

Packaging materials have been developed in the direction of low-carbon

  1. Reuse and regeneration of packaging materials

Reuse packaging, such as beer, beverages, soy sauce, vinegar and other packaging selection of glass bottles used repeatedly. Sweden and other countries to implement polyester PET beverage bottles and PC milk bottle reuse up to 20 times. The Netherlands Wellman company and the United States Johnson company to PET containers for 100% recovery.

Reuse and regeneration of packaging materials, only to extend the life of plastics and other polymer materials as packaging materials, when the life of its use, still have to face the disposal of waste and environmental pollution problems.

  1. Edible packaging materials

For decades, we understand the use of candy packaging glutinous rice paper and packaging ice cream corn baking packaging cups are typical of edible packaging.

Nowadays, the edible packaging film has been developed into a multi-component edible film made of various biomolecules (proteins and polysaccharides) and lipids with multiple functional properties. This kind of composite film is a kind of stable emulsion formed by the mutual effect between different molecules, and then dried to make the solvent vaporize and constitute a porous, transparent or translucent three-dimensional network structure of the film, this porous network structure makes the film with significant water resistance and certain selective permeability, so in the food industry, especially in the preservation of fruits and vegetables, has a vast prospect of use.

  1. Degradable materials

Degradable material refers to a plastic whose chemical structure changes under a specific environment that constitutes a loss of function within a specific period of time.

Biodegradable plastic packaging materials have the functions and characteristics of traditional plastics, but also can be used after the end of life, through the effect of ultraviolet light in the sun or the effect of microorganisms in soil and water, in the natural environment, split degradation and recovery, after all, non-toxic way to enter the ecological environment from scratch, back to nature.

According to reports, a new type of environmentally friendly food packaging materials are expected to be introduced in the United States in the near future. This newly developed successful food packaging film can obstruct the entry of oxygen, and then arrive at the effect of freshness. It is estimated that this new type of material is likely to replace the traditional polyethylene plastic film in the future and become the primary material for the food packaging industry.

In the packaging category, the shape of the product packaging is equally important, so planners should try their best to convey the brand identity and characteristics of the product, in addition to seeking innovation when planning the packaging.

Considering the environmental requirements of customers, the overall weight of the product and packaging materials are also two very important elements. The targeted planning strategy can integrate quality into the product, and then advance the enterprise’s price point and profit margin, and reduce the waste of materials. A good example of this is the cube wine box, which is common in the U.S. market and can make the product stand out among many competitors with its common shape.

Carton manufacturer Chesapeake (Chesapeake) company’s marketing director Bobby Horton believes that excellent planning and reasonable structure can not only reduce packaging waste, but also in some cases to reduce the use of plastic.

Environmentally friendly packaging materials, coupled with targeted planning, will inevitably reduce the waste of materials, and correspondingly reduce the production costs of enterprises, increasing profitability, but the significance of low carbon is much more than that, the better is to reduce carbon emissions, protect the environment we depend on, and create an excellent atmosphere for living.

The sustainable development of any country is inseparable from the useful and rational use of resources, China’s rapid economic development in recent decades, the achievement is remarkable, but it is undeniable that our form of economic development is still based on high energy consumption and high pollution. In the food industry, environmental protection, low-carbon movement continues to rise, “excessive packaging”, “blind packaging” and other high-carbon packaging methods have also improved, but in the face of the existing achievements we can not slacken, should pack ideas, comment on better low-carbon packaging methods, to We should gather our thoughts and comment on better low-carbon packaging methods to develop the road of low-carbon packaging in China.

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